Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas Shut Down Due to UNLV Shooting

Due to police helicopters flying overhead at the scene, a ground stop was ordered for Harry Reid Airport. This means no ground as well as no air transportation is being allowed at this time.

An active shooter is deceased after a shooting incident that happened within the hour at the University of Las Vegas (UNLV). It is not clear if the shooter died from a self-inflicted incident. A gun was found near the shooter’s body, so the serial number will be run on the weapon to see what can be traced about it that might lead to understanding this crime. Social media will also be checked to see if the shooter had indicated any information about this shooting.

The incident occurred inside the Student Union near Beam Hall, a university hub for students, at approximately 12:15 pm. The police reported that it appears there are multiple victims. A witness said he heard around 15 shots. The motivation is unknown at this time.

The authorities are currently checking to assure there is no other active shooter on campus and have begun evacuating students off campus.

UNLV has advised students to shelter in place as it is still considered an active investigation until escorted to leave the campus. One student who was interviewed said he was nervous but also grateful for the massive police presence. It is not know if there is another car involved in the incident and if that car contains more weapons.

UNLV has shut down all UNLV campuses for the remainder of the day. I-15 has been closed from entering Las Vegas at this time

SOURCE: Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas Shut Down Due to UNLV Shooting