HBX Group provides cutting-edge financial services designed specifically for travel agents.

Daniel Nordholm is the Managing Director of HBX Group who specializes in FinTech and Insurance. Daniel Nordholm, the Managing Director for FinTech & Insurance at the HBX Group, explains how the firm has shifted its goal from utilizing services to becoming an active participant in this area, as they move into the FinTech industry. He outlines the plans and objectives set out by the leadership team, to show how the HBX Group will transform themselves into a key player in the FinTech market. How does the brand that the HBX Group positions itself as affect your plans for being adopted into the FinTech space? DN stated that there were two main components. We are examining ways to enhance our inner posture for fairness, with the aim of streamlining the processes we have in place. This would lead to reduced costs for incoming payments as well as increased profits when sending payments to our hotels. We need to manage payments and payouts appropriately. For the year 2023, that is what I have been doing and developing. We plan to implement and introduce fresh services for the travel industry built on this foundation. There are three types of services available: services related to insurance, services related to payments, and services associated with multiple currencies. We aspire to provide an embedded solution for our customers and associates that is part of the entire environment.