Highway prospects increases as people celebrate Lunar New Time.

On Saturday, the next day of the Lunar New Year holiday, there are a lot of cars on the eastbound Gyeongbu Expressway. ( Yonhap ) On Saturday morning, as millions of people traveled across South Korea in celebration of the Lunar New Year, traffic on major highways started to increase. The standard exodus of people from Seoul and the surrounding areas to their homeland marked the start of this year’s vacation on Friday. More people left the money place on Saturday, the next day of the long weekend, while another returned to Seoul. As of 9 a.m. on Saturday, the state-run Korea Expressway Corp. estimated that it would take six days and forty minutes to travel from Seoul to the 320-kilometer southeast port town of Busan. It was anticipated that it would take three hours to travel 160 km from Seoul to Gangneung in the east. According to Korea Expressway Corp., there was traffic on Saturday morning’s bridges leading to Seoul. According to the company, 6.05 million vehicles may leave the capital city on that day, and an additional 460,000 would go the other way. According to the Korea Expressway Corp., traffic on roads leaving Seoul will assuredly top between 1 and 2 p. m. on Saturday and relieve around 9 o’clock. According to the business, customers will reach its peak between 3 and 4 p.m. and subside by between 2 and 3 in the morning on Sunday. ( Perhaps )