Hiking routes in North and South America by Lonely Planet

From one-day jaunts to month-long thru-hikes, readers will discover 200 trails across the Caribbean; North, Central and South America

LONELY PNET, the digital travel guidance company and travel guidebook brand has launched its newest title, Epic Hikes of the Americas. 

Featuring 50 stories of incredible hiking routes in North and South America, spanning Greenland to Chile, plus a further 150 suggestions, Lonely Planet’s Epic Hikes of the Americas will inspire a lifetime of adventure on foot.

North, South and Central America are adventure playgrounds for hikers. Those exploring by foot will encounter a huge variety of terrain, climate, and landscape, as well as fascinating culture and history along the way.

Readers will find curated guidance on 50 hiking routes via first-hand accounts from trusted Lonely Planet experts, including an orientation toolkit to help plan the trip – from the best time of year to hike, how to get there, and any special equipment required.

The entries in Epic Hikes of the Americas include contributions from Emily Ford, the first woman to complete Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail in the winter, and Christian McMahon, a disability advocate who demonstrates how hiking Cholla Cactus Garden Trail can be experienced by people of different abilities.

Epic Hikes of the Americas offers experiences across all levels and abilities, with hikes ranging from a few hours to months-long undertakings that require planning and supplies. Readers can find themselves hiking through rainforests and skipping over waterfalls in Hawaii’s Halawa Valley, or experience the heart-pound exhilaration of Angel’s Landing in Zion Park.

“Outdoor travel is trending as a lasting result of the global pandemic, and travelers are looking to reap the mental and wellness benefits of spending time in nature,” said Sebastian Modak, Editor-at-Large at Lonely Planet. “Our new Epic Hikes of the Americas guide is intended to inspire travelers to reach for their boots and strike out somewhere new.”