Hong Kong Relaxes Visa Policy for Nepal, Vietnam and Laos

Hong Kong plans to welcome individuals from Vietnam, Laos, and Nepal to study and work at its eight public universities. This initiative is part of a broader program aimed at attracting talented immigrants to the region.

Hong Kong has introduced a new visa policy for Vietnamese visitors, allowing them to receive multiple-entry visas valid for two years. Under this policy, Vietnamese tourists or business travelers can stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days per entry.

To qualify for this, Vietnamese visitors must meet specific criteria, such as having traveled abroad at least three times to two different countries in the past three years or having worked or trained in Hong Kong within the last two years. This is a departure from the previous single-entry visa policy.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Pham Thu Hang, expressed strong support for Hong Kong’s new visa policy, considering it highly valuable. She emphasized the importance of the economic partnership between Vietnam and Hong Kong and noted that the simplified visa rules would offer practical benefits to both countries, benefiting their people and businesses.

Vietnam had previously requested its partners, including Hong Kong, to ease visa policies for its citizens to promote trade, travel, and people-to-people exchanges, thereby strengthening friendly relationships and cooperation between Vietnam and its international partners.

SOURCE: Hong Kong Relaxes Visa Policy for Nepal, Vietnam and Laos