Hotel101 Group shines a light on sustainability at its Christmas tree lighting

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Hotel101 Group, the hospitality arm of DoubleDragon Corporation, lit up the holiday season and celebrated sustainability at the 2023 Christmas Tree Lighting held at their newest hotel, Hotel101-Fort in Taguig City. 

In her welcome remarks, the Hotel101 Group General Manager Gel Gomez highlighted the significance of celebrating this occasion at Hotel101-Fort, as a testament to the company’s growth and expansion.

“This year, we have the distinct pleasure of hosting you here at our newest hotel, Hotel101-Fort, a testament to the growth and expansion of the Hotel101 Group, not only in the Philippines but also globally,” says GM Gomez.

The evening was a celebration of the 101 STAY GREEN campaign, an initiative that has been at the forefront of the group’s sustainability efforts. Launched in 2022, the program has seen Hotel101 Group engage in a variety of projects, including information education campaigns, tree planting, coastal clean-ups, and their Bike Happy program. Collaboration with the Department of Tourism, the Philippine Coast Guard, local government units, and various stakeholders has been integral to these efforts, showcasing the group’s dedication to sustainability in hotel operations and the preservation of the Philippines’ natural beauty.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of the 2nd 101 STAY GREEN Champions, individuals and partners who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental protection. The awardees included notable figures such as Taguig City Mayor Hon. Maria Laarni “Lani” Cayetano, Malay Mayor Hon. Frolibar Bautista, Philippine Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Ronnie Gil Gavan, Department of Transportation Undersecretary Anneli Lontoc, Department of Tourism NCR Director Sharlene Zabala-Batin,, and International School of Sustainable Tourism Chair and President Dr. Mina Gabor.

The celebration went beyond Hotel101-Fort, as simultaneous Christmas tree lightings took place at Hotel101-Manila, Jinjiang Inn – Ortigas, Jinjiang Inn – Makati, Injap Tower Hotel – Iloilo, and Jinjiang Inn – Boracay Station 1, symbolizing the unity of the group’s commitment to sustainability across all their properties.

The evening was a reminder that the true essence of the holiday season lies in giving back. “As we gather around our Christmas trees, let us remember that the true essence of the holiday season lies in our ability to give back, while we also take time to have fun and celebrate with our loved ones,” GM said.

Hotel101 Group expressed their gratitude to the awardees for their inspiring work and looked forward to an evening of happiness and celebration, with the hope that the shared commitment to sustainability would shine brightly throughout the holiday season.

As the event concluded, attendees were left with the warm glow of the holiday spirit and a renewed determination to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Hotel101, DoubleDragon Corporation, which operates Hotel101 with Hotel101-Manila and Hotel101-Fort, Injap Tower Hotel in Iloilo City, and Jinjiang Inn Philippines. Hotel 101 Group has recently unveiled its direction to begin expanding abroad. It aims to make Hotel 101 the first global Filipino hotel chain.

The first three overseas Hotel101 projects will be in Niseko Hokkaido Japan, Madrid Spain, California USA. These first three overseas sites will serve as bridge projects to jumpstart the transition of Hotel101 to transcend beyond these first three countries and become a global brand with a truly unique business concept that can be planted in over 100 countries.






The post Hotel101 Group shines a light on sustainability at its Christmas tree lighting appeared first on Brand TD.