HotelPlanner adds Cleverdis to its family of brands

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HotelPlanner, a leading travel technology platform and hotel booking engine, is excited to announce the integration of Cleverdis, the content provider for more than 17 international trade shows. Cleverdis is active across a range of industries including food, defense, consumer electronics, logistics, wine and spirits, and retail, all of which bolster the company’s global footprint in the trade show ecosystem and multimedia space.

Established in 1997 in France, Cleverdis has earned its reputation as a comprehensive content factory for trade shows. Beyond producing daily magazines, the company offers official newsrooms and bespoke podcasts for various events. With a team of experts committed to delivering intelligent content and insights, Cleverdis enables buyers to make informed purchasing decisions while amplifying brand visibility. The company collaborates with more than 400 advertising partners and generates in excess of 3,500 pages of original content annually. Their extensive multimedia services encompass video and podcast production, photography, newsroom, and press services, which contributes to a vibrant and impactful trade show experience.

Operating as an independent entity within the HotelPlanner family of brands, Cleverdis will maintain its current client relationships and uphold its standing as a leader in content production and media services.

“We believe strongly in the power of collaboration and lasting partnerships. Becoming a part of the HotelPlanner family of brands allows us to offer additional value to trade show organisers and attendees, while enhancing our global reach and capacity to connect and serve trade show buyers and influencers worldwide,” says Jean-Francois Pieri, President & CEO, Cleverdis.

“Having attended hundreds of trade shows over the past two decades, I can unequivocally state that quality content is a game-changer. A well-told brand story forms lasting impressions on buyers and attendees, and can make the difference in generating new business. Partnering with Cleverdis, a leader in the trade show ecosystem, is a strategic and exciting move for us. We are thrilled to work together to help trade show buyers maximise their brand presence while providing a state-of-the-art media experience for all attendees,” says Tim Hentschel, Co-founder & CEO, HotelPlanner.




The post HotelPlanner adds Cleverdis to its family of brands appeared first on Brand TD.