How to go without leaving your plants to die: a tip from Hilton Grows Best

June is here! The smell of warm sun on your skin and the sounds of rolling waves on white sand beaches, man, does that make you want to stay for about two weeks, does n’t it? Imagine getting a good, even yellow and the ocean scent when you come home to find all your plants are dry and withered to the bone. I’m here to let you know that you ca n’t choose between taking a trip and sacrificing your favorite plants. What are some practical suggestions for ensuring the success of your flowers while you’re away? When you intend to spend more than a year away from home, you should always provide your plants a thorough washing. The best method to do this is to soak them in water and let them dry in the fall. Take your flower into the sink and let it drain until it emerges from the drainage hole. Feel free to go over the same steps until the dish returns to its original state. The soil’s stems will be kept moist for an extended period of time thanks to this. The Baltimore Banner thanks its donors. Become one. Engineer itSelf-watering farmers may save money and are set up so your plants may be hydrated without your assistance. The tree’s roots are drawn to water in these pots by a process known as blood action, which has a built-in reservoir. In essence, this means they absorb water as needed using a fabric that absorbs water ( like cotton cord ), keeping the soil regularly moist. This method makes it ideal for when you’re away from home because it keeps your crops nourished for several times. Offer them the gooIf you were born in the early 1990s, I’m about to erase a key event from your youth. Do you recall the foam stones known as Orbeez? Yeah, you do. For a while, those fluffy water beads served as the “it” toys. Turns out that those very breathable polymer beads provided more than just visual relaxation and play. In the earth, combining hydrogel crystals, which will likely resemble Orbeez, may help keep water for plants. These stones slowly absorb water and release it, keeping the soil damp for a long time. This huddle Plants together can result in a room with higher moisture, which helps to stop water loss. If you decide to get a plant sitter, grouping everyone up also makes things simple. Just make sure your plants are suitable in terms of light and water needs before deciding to group them. The Baltimore Banner thanks its donors. Become one. Screening the sun ( Photo by Ryan Rhodes ) Move your plants away from the window or close the shades. Less gentle means a slower water intake, which prolongs the life of your plant without a new top off. You can essentially deceive your plants into believing it has been two cloudy weeks so they wo n’t need as much water while you are away. ( Courtesy of Ryan Rhodes ) Plant- keepers clubJust like you would employ a parent, you can get a plant caretaker! Find a trustworthy roommate you trust and ask if they would be willing to visit your plants every several days to check them. It’s helpful if you make the process as simple as possible for the carer, but you can keep a list of the various types of plants that need different care. Plants that need similar maintenance are grouped together, and their requirements are given a logo. This means it’s much easier to understand, and you can feel great about your crops while you’re away. ( Courtesy of Ryan Rhodes ) Welcome back! When you return, test on your plants, say hello and inform them about your trip. They’re outstanding viewers, and have likely missed you very much. If you moved them, move them back to where they were, and check for any evidence of new development while you were away. Maintaining and cultivating healthy crops are not mutually exclusive. With a little planning and the correct strategies, you may enjoy your vacation without worrying about returning home to worn-out, terrible plants. So go ahead, reserve that journey, wash up the sun, and relax knowing that your natural associates will be well-maintained. You are entitled to it! Hilton Carter is a shrub and interior designer, actor and writer from Baltimore. More From The Banner

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