How to travel to Las Vegas for the 2024 Super Bowl

There is less than a month until the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas, which is exciting news for sports fans. The celebration is expected to be quite spectacular. As per usual, the NFL’s best teams are playing in front of millions of viewers on tv. Additionally, there is the time present, which Usher may host this year. The fact that the major game is taking place in Vegas for the first time—one of the top tourist destinations in the country and well-known for its resorts, casinos, and sportsbooks—could, however, make it an even bigger bring this year. There is n’t much time to waste if you’re thinking about attending the game in Vegas or making a last-minute reservation for your favorite team. Super Bowl 58: When and where is it? Super Bowl 58 is held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Super Bowl 58 is scheduled for Sunday, February 11, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS REVIEW- JOURNAL/GETTY IMAGES Kickoff will begin at 3:30 PMPST. The facility, which debuted in 2020 and is named after its low-cost airline business sponsor, Nevada-based Allegiant Air, will host its second Super Bowl. Which team will compete in this year’s Super Bowl? Very soon to tell, really. The best AFC and NFC teams will face off in their particular conference championship game on Sunday, January 28. You will have less than two days to guide flights, hotels, and property tickets once your favorite team qualifies for start. Do airlines to the Super Bowl exist? There are still plenty of Super Bowl tickets available on planes to Vegas. After all, Harry Reid International Airport ( LAS ) in the city is one of the busiest airports nationwide. It’s even a popular travel destination for many low-cost providers like Spirit Airlines and leisure-oriented carriers like Southwest Airlines. Harry Reid International Airport ( LAS ) in Las Vegas receives a Frontier aircraft landing. LAS VEGAS REVIEW- JOURNAL/GETTY IMAGES Whether you can find reasonably priced flights, however, is a unique matter. Perhaps the best Super Bowl weekends talks in Vegas are likely to cost at least 25 % more than the entire month of February, according to the booking game Hopper. And those are merely statistics. As usual, the prices you actually find when looking for your particular course and go dates may be much higher, especially if you’re going to Vegas right before Super Bowl trip and leaving on the Monday following the game. Let’s say you’re a Baltimore supporter hoping to secure your spot based on the Ravens ‘ current position as the top seed in the AFC playoffs. Southwest Airlines currently charges$ 470 for a Thursday-to-Monday round trip to Las Vegas from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport ( BWI ). Followers of the NFC’s top-seed San Francisco 49ers, another Super Bowl frontrunner, might find SOUTHWEST AIRLINESPrices a little more appealing from the Bay Area. Alaska Airlines offered a$ 333 round-trip flight from San Francisco International Airport ( SFO ) to Vegas. The presence of Facebook FLIGHTSViable awards is also problematic. Although it should n’t be too difficult for you to find a seat that is technically bookable with miles, you run the risk of having to part ways with many miles. Will there be more planes added? Flights frequently add airlines to the Super Bowl from the towns of the clubs that are participating. After the Eagles qualified, American Airlines did this last year, for example, between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ( PHX ) and Philadelphia International Airline. Could carriers attempt a similar move this time? It’s probable, but you’ll probably have to wait until Jan. 28 when the game is scheduled. With 230 regular deviations to almost 70 towns across the firm’s system, Southwest Airlines told TPG it is monitoring go trends and booking patterns to and from Vegas, which is already one of its largest operations. It’s also important to note that some carriers have been known to move kinder, newer plane to the Super Bowl. American Airlines, for example, is moving its Airbus A321T plane to take passengers to Vegas that weekend. Accommodations are they accessible? The same is true of accommodations. There is still presence in a town with so many resort rooms. But, you’ll probably get sky-high point prices and cheap prices. How much does a Super Bowl remain in Vegas price? From Thursday, Feb. 8, to Monday, February 12, we looked for four-night sits, which was roughly during the height of the Super Bowl. The following are the nightly rates at the big hotels and resorts:$ 404 per day at Luxor$ 404 at Excalibur$ 72 at MGM Grand$ 856 per evening at New York-New York$ 8060 per hour at Park MGA$ 1, 092 per nite at Bellagio$ 1, 751 at The CosmopolitanA lot of hotels do n’t had prize availability at all. And those that do might be locations where you’d prefer not to use up your hard-earned items. ( For instance, we were able to secure a three-night stay at the Fairfield Inn for 126 000 Marriott Bonvoy items, or 42 000 items per day on average. ) Having said that, you should go ahead and plug in a flexible scheduling if you think there’s any chance you’d like to enter the Super Bowl in the event that your favorite group makes it later this month. If you decide not to go, you may usually cancel it later without paying a fee. All of this is about booking flights and accommodations, but there is no mention of really going to the Super Bowl. Do not anticipate a refund. The costs you’ll find today are probably four or even five figures because standard, semi-affordable cards have long since sold out. On Ticketmaster, we discovered tickets priced as low as$ 11, 000. TICKETMASTER We discovered tickets on StubHub for as little as$ 6,700. STUBHUBThere are also a number of packages you can buy from kindness company On Area, the NFL’s authorized tourism company. Some plans come with a game seat, lodging, and access to special Super Bowl week functions and activities ( as well as the food and beverages served at those situations ). Depending on the beach involved, these all-inclusive packages begin at about$ 12, 000 per person. Although the terms” Super Bowl” and” cost effective” typically do n’t go together, here are some steps you might want to take if you’re organizing a trip to Vegas for this year’s event. Perhaps if you’re not absolutely certain that you want to attend the Super Bowl, it’s a good idea to reserve cancelable flights right away. After all, costs usually increase as you make your travel arrangements, and by Jan. 28 or 29, when the team are scheduled, you’re unlikely to find a good deal. However, if you choose not to travel, you can cancel the majority of your reservations on Southwest and the three legacy U.S. carriers; just do n’t purchase a basic economy ticket. ( Budget airlines do n’t usually offer this flexibility. ) This is another instance where using points or miles for a reservation is advantageous. Most prize cards may be canceled, and you can always get your km back. The same applies to resorts ( and car rentals ), so close in accommodating hotel reservations today. Make versatile doubts nowadays that you can cancel if you decide not to go. The majority of standard resort reservations ( as well as reservations made with details ) are subject to cancellation penalty-free if you do so at least a few days prior to your scheduled check-in time. If you live in a city with several airports that are reasonably near by, expand your airfare or honor space search to include more airport locations. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUYTRY OTHER AIRPORTS And DATE SPECIFICATIONS Let’s say, for example, that the Eagles win the Super Bowl once more. Baltimore residents might get tempted to leave BWI by air. However, if you have a collection of AAdvantage miles or Bilt Rewards points to transfer, consider taking the American Airlines round trip from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA ) for 21,500 miles. The earlier you arrive and the eventually you can keep, the more you’ll keep, just like with any significant holiday or occasion. That also applies to honor rates and cash fares. For instance, this United Airlines Monday return flight from Vegas to San Francisco International Airport ( SFO ) would cost 32,500 MileagePlus miles one-way. However, the rate decreases to fewer than 7, 000 km if you extend your vacation until the Wednesday following the Super Bowl. UNITED AIRLINESOUNDS LIKE YOU’D Get PAYING FOR MORE HOTEL NIGHTS, OF COURSE, BUT IT COULD BE A USEFUL TATIC IF YOU ARE DESIRE TO STAY IN THE CITY AFTER THE CRAZY OF THE Big Bowl ENDS. Want to use miles for a trip to Vegas for the Super Bowl? Put up an itinerary with nice areas ( and money ) You may look into some loyalty programs offered by international airlines. For example, by converting credit card details to Avianca LifeMiles, travelers may occasionally find United planes for just a few thousand kilometers. On American Airlines, you might be ready to do the same with Avios. Here is a United flight that is booked through Avianca that will take you 6,500 yards to Vegas on the Thursday before the Super Bowl. I’d need to find a return flight ( there would n’t be any award space on the way back ), but at least this could” solve” the problem of finding inexpensive flights. AVIANCAGo travels to Las Vegas on a budget aircraft and backpacks with just about every big low-cost provider. This may be the time to see if a fare works for you, even though you would n’t typically be inclined to fly with Allegiant or Spirit Airlines. Do n’t forget to include all additional fees in addition to your base fare. Instead, you can significantly reduce the cost of your trip if all you need to bring is a small item that fits under the seats. Check your credit cards offers to see if you can save money on your next vacation. I found this offer: Spend$ 500 or more at Hilton Las Vegas and Nevada properties, and get$ 100 back. I have The Platinum Card ® from American Express. AMERICAN EXPRESS can actually help lower the cost of your travels, even though these offers are usually only available to certain credit card holders ( and therefore not to all users ). Staying away from the Super Bowl is undoubtedly a invest journey, similar to going to see the Olympics in people, according to STUART DEE/GETTY IMAGESConsider. In order to achieve this, attending the Super Bowl in Vegas and staying away from or close to the Strip may be ineffective. There are, however, less expensive options at budget-tier properties outside of the city centre if you’re willing to give up some leisure on the hotel front. connected browsing: