How to Use Public Transit to Get Around Amsterdam Locally &amp, Guide to Navigation


In Europe, Amsterdam is a well-liked holiday destination that receives 20 million visitors annually. Its world-famous canal system, artistic heritage, distinctive architecture, top-notch nightclubs, and profusion of museums are all major draws. However, it’s also a well-connected town with reasonably priced and dependable public transportation, which makes organizing any trip to this amazing city much simpler.
In this article, we’ll go over some of the best advice for getting around Amsterdam. We’ve got you covered, from getting to Schiphol Airport to navigating the different modes of personal and public transport. You’ll have all the information you need to support your stay in Amsterdam go easily thanks to our helpful tips.
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How to Get from Schiphol Airport to the City Center
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Do n’t anticipate a significant trek to get to your hotel once your flight lands because the airport is only 18 kilometers away from Amsterdam’s main train station, Centraal Station. Additionally, for simple payments, public transportation from the airport and the town centre is easily accessible and reasonably priced.
The cost of tickets to take the train to make this trip is as low as cards! Spend a pitiful$ 5 on common on the swift 20-minute journey to Centraal Station. Every ten minutes, express bus services depart from the airport, and they cost about$ 7 to get you into the city in about 25 minutes. You can take the day van, which travels the same way as the day support and departs from midnight to 5 am, if you arrive at Schiphol Airport later.
When traveling later, especially after a long day of traveling, it might be best to use an Uber or car. Depending on the traffic, it will take 20 to 40 minutes to get from the airport to the city center. A car may cost around$ 49, with an Uber probably charging less. Finding affordable exclusive payments from the airport to your hotel is simple and occasionally less expensive than a car for the highest level of comfort.
How to Get Around Amsterdam by Navigating
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When you arrive in Amsterdam, Google Maps is a real treat for getting around the area.
Before traveling to Amsterdam, visit the GVB site to download PDF road maps for the public transportation system. When figuring out the simplest routes to take, including determining the best transportation and network options, this may make life a lot simpler.
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Amsterdam’s public transportation options
The public transportation system in Amsterdam is reasonably priced, dependable, and well-connected. Most of the time, cards and cash payments are accepted, and you will have the opportunity to get from point A to point B at any time of day or evening.
Solution for Travel
Common Price
( Train from the airport to Centraal Station )
$ 5.
Express Bus ( Airport to City )
$ 7.
Night Bus ( City to Airport )
( Airport to City Center: Taxi or Uber )
$ 49 or more
Vehicle, Metro, or Tram
$ 3.50.
$ 7 to$ 11 ( rent of a bike )
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelersYou should familiarize yourself with the local metro system before visiting the majority of landmarks in Amsterdam that you’ll want to include on your plan, such as the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum.
A red ITS symbol on the door denotes that a special tram is wheelchair available in terms of accessibility. However, not all of the older trams are available to everyone, so whether or not the streetcar will be able to reach your stop is somewhat uncertain.
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There are five rail routes in total that run through Amsterdam. This broad community spans seven different parts of the city, and trains depart early from 6 am to 12: 30 am. They typically offer a dependable train routine every ten minutes.
The leading transportation providers in Amsterdam include GVB, Connexxion, and EBS. Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers Some routes within the city centre and to the larger metropolitan region are available on a whole 24-hour basis, with the majority of them departing from Amsterdam Central Station.
Night trucks are available to come to your rescue every day from 12: 30 to 7: 00 am if you want to make the most of the renownedly top-notch Amsterdam entertainment. Debit cards or contactless ( no cash ) can be used to purchase a bus ticket from the bus company.

Another great choice for travelling Amsterdam is by bus. In order to show visitors the must-see attractions and the best bars, some open-top and hop-on-hop-off bus services are available in the city.
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Free boats to Amsterdam Noord run across the IJ River every two to thirty days for scooters, people on foot, and bikers. Only behind Centraal Station is the main ferry terminal.
A countdown clock eliminates the guesswork as to when your next ferry will be, and you typically wo n’t have to wait long to board any of the ferries.
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Alternative Ways to Get Around Netherlands
Uber, Taxis, andamp
Although vehicle fares in the city centre are pricey, they are worth taking into account if you must. For the first 2, 000 meters, the minimum cost is approximately$ 3.50, and for each kilometer after that, it is roughly$ 2.05.
In Amsterdam, getting an Uber ride can occasionally be less expensive than getting a regional car. However, be cautious because fares typically rise on vacation, during rush hours, and when there is a higher demand for rain.
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One of the easiest and most economical ways to quickly get around Amsterdam is by riding. You’ll have access to a vast network of independent bicycle lanes for secure transportation as well as numerous parking spaces for your vehicle.
It’s simple to locate a bike rental service that offers daily or multi-day rented deals that fit your vacation schedule. For a one-hour rental, budget anywhere between$ 7 and$ 11 per full-day rental.
Many fantastic bike tours around Amsterdam can take you to all the top spots on two wheels if you do n’t want to ride alone. Instead of having to plan your own route and possibly missing some city highlights, just enjoy the ride and follow a native around.
Kyle “family backpacking” ( ViaTravelers/Kyle Kroeger )
You wo n’t be shocked to learn that walking is the most affordable way to get around Amsterdam. You wo n’t spend a dime on this basic option, so pack some cozy walking shoes and get ready to take some serious steps.
You wo n’t have to climb steep hills or climb endless stairs on your daily excursions because Amsterdam is flat. Additionally, it is relatively small, making it easy to move from one must-see location to the next. And for those on a tight budget, take pleasure in the fact that top-rated walking tour of the city is occasionally cost just under$ 6!
Purchasing City Passes and Transportation Tickets
Initially, purchasing public transportation reservations in Amsterdam can seem a little frustrating. However, once you know your options, it’s very simple.
1. Tickets for one minute and multiple days
For unlimited bus, tram, and metro train travel, Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelersExpect to pay just under$ 4 for a one-hour GVB ticket and just shy of$ 10. Obtain either directly on the streetcar or vehicle, or from solution vending machines at subway stations.
To save money as opposed to buying a separate time pass for each day of your trip, you can also purchase multi-day moves. A multi-day Amsterdam travel ticket costs just over$ 44 and has a maximum period of one year. You must either buy a multi-day solution in advance online or travel to tourist attractions or GVB service points while in Amsterdam.
2. Give OV
Apple / OVpay
Prepare your debit card for use when boarding buses, cars, and the rail for the convenience of paying on the go. Your trip will typically cost$ 3.50 after the boarding fee of about$ 1.08.
An OV Give software is available on Google Play and Apple for added comfort. After downloading the app, enter your bank information. When you arrive at your location, click off your phone and board buses, buses, and metro trains.
3. City Moves On
I’m in Amsterdam.
One of the best ways to save money on your trip will be to purchase a capital pass for Amsterdam. With just one solution, you can get access to all of the city’s major attractions. Depending on the go you purchase, it also serves as a public transportation card that allows for unlimited travel for varying lengths of time.
The standard I Amsterdam City Cards is a well-liked area pass for tourists who value money. Access to more than 70 museums and neighborhood attractions, GVB transport, bike rental, and canal travelling are all included. For one to five weeks, you can purchase the I Amsterdam City Passport as a pass.
In Amsterdam, Do You Need a Vehicle?
Think about not renting a vehicle for your journey to Amsterdam. Stockholm has excellent public transportation and is also a livable city. If you choose public transportation over having your own car, you wo n’t miss out on anything.
Additionally, park in the area can be prohibitively expensive, and this additional expense is quickly deplete your travel budget. Furthermore, even if you’re okay with the cost of parking, the challenges of finding a parking spot in such an crowded city may act as an additional barrier that will make using public transportation perhaps more alluring!
Of course, a hire car would be the ideal choice if you want more flexibility when traveling outside of the area and want to rely on sources other than public transportation.
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