How Will The Stromboli and Mount Etan Eruptions Affect Your Traveling in Italy?

Mount Etna, Italy| Image Credit: @Reuters/XA rapid increase in volcanic action of Mount Etna, Europe’s highest volcano, caused some delayed flights at the Catania Airport. Additionally, Catania’s Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica electronic Vulcanologia discovered that Mount Etna’s volcanic dust had sunk a massive 4.35 miles into the atmosphere. The airport’s airport temporarily shut down as a result, but services have since resumed. On the local Aeolian Island, Stromboli spewed volcano into the water as a result of more explosions. Read on to learn how the explosions of Mount Etna and Stromboli might affect your travel to Italy. Effects of volcanic eruptions on weather trafficOver 90 outbound and inbound flights were canceled at Catania Airport as a result of the increase in Mount Etna’s geological activity. This impacted around 15, 000 tourists. Among these, Ryan Air was the most profoundly affected flight, with 42 of its planes getting cancelled. Additionally, many airlines were diverted to the Palermo Airport, which is a four-hour push from Catania. The Civil Protection Department of Italy added that these volcanoes are not a one-time event. The highest concentration of active mountains in Europe can be found in Italy and Iceland, which could put their people at risk. A favorite summer getaway, Stromboli, also raised concerns over aggressive explosions. It poured molten volcano into the water, creating a remarkable 2 km great cloud of smoke. Nello Musumeci, the island’s fire fighters ‘ chief of staff, stated that the mountain is being watched, evacuation plans have been drawn up, and that the area is now under doubled. Stromboli next erupted in 2022 with no consequences. Due to that, it erupted in 2019 and claimed the life of a 35- yr- old hiker, the same year, 30 tourists had to climb into the sea to avoid the eruptions. Despite often erupting over the past 90 years, Stromboli continues to be a well-liked tourist destination. Tourists are urged to avoid visiting “interior areas” because a volcano area may occasionally experience volcanic exercise and gas emissions. During the geological exercise, tourists were even banned from using two- johnson automobiles for 48 hours. Furthermore, the speed limit of all automobiles was capped at 30 kilometres to prevent driving on dust. ( Feature Image Credit: @Reuters/X ) Related: The Best Places To Visit In Italy Each Month, According To A Luxury Travel ExpertNote: The information in this article is accurate as of the date of publication.