I opposed Southwest until I received one of their credit accounts. then I’m a turn

One of the strongest thoughts I’ve heard among travelers to the United States is about Southwest Airlines, and I’ve lived there for almost ten years. The airport’s devoted fans may be the only ones who have spoken out against it the most than its critics. On both sides of the coin, in my opinion, are legitimate claims. And in fact, I spent the majority of my time in this city despising the Southwest until I obtained one of its cobranded credit accounts. Credit cards are promoted by TPG because they offer the best value to our audience, not just for enjoyment. An airline credit cards can make your journeys more enjoyable and save you money in the process. Right now, the airline’s three personal cards — the Southwest Rapid Rewards ® Plus Credit Card, Southwest Rapid Rewards ® Premier Credit Card and Southwest Rapid Rewards ® Priority Credit Card — are offering a high welcome bonus. If you apply before June 26, you can earn 85, 000 positions after spending$ 3, 000 in the first three weeks from profile opening. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to purchase one of Southwest’s credit cards if you live close to an aircraft with a Southwest appearance. Here’s how I became a Southwest convert after opening the Southwest ® Rapid Rewards ® Performance Business Credit Card in 2023. Southwest has a large private system, which makes it simple to travel across the nation. The airport has a particularly powerful existence in the eastern half of the U. S., Texas and California, covering a huge part of the country’s population. Additionally, it travels to places like Hawaii and Central America, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. FLIGHTCONNECTIONS. Southwest is a simple choice for me because I live in Austin and it handles nearly 40 % of flights in and out of the aircraft. Plus, it’s only a brief hop to Dallas Love Field ( DAL ) and Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport ( HOU), Southwest’s five- and seventh- largest centers, both, for easy one- stop relationships throughout the company’s network. Unmatched flexibilitySouthwest takes pride in having no cancellation or change taxes, which is beneficial for both award-winning travelers and those who make changes at the last minute. SOUTHWEST. I’m taking a crack from the heat in Texas this summer by spending June in Chicago, July in Europe, and August somewhere else in the United States. Since I’m not entirely sure where I want to get for my last month, I’ve booked several Southwest praise flights to either Chicago or Portland, Maine. I have the option to change my flights as my programs change, up until 10 minutes before I leave, which is a very good plan. Easy-to-redeem flights: I want to find at least 2 percent in value for every frequent flier point or mile I use in several applications. This is roughly the value that we currently account for the major issuers ‘ economies, including Capital One yards and Chase Ultimate Rewards items. Because the redemption charge is tied to the cost of a profit fare, Southwest Rapid Rewards items ‘ set forgiveness worth of 1.3 to 1.5 cents per point does not offer outsize significance. Yet, it’s easy to understand, and I appreciate knowing that I will almost always get the same benefit out of my Southwest items, no matter which journey I use them on. Priority boardingOne of the major issues travellers have with flying on Southwest is the ambiguity about which desk they will be in. The ship has an open-seat legislation that prohibits chairs being preassigned. Every Southwest record cards, however, enables you to board a limited number of airlines earlier in the year. Nick GRIFF/THE POINTS GUYThe lower- level Plus cards, Premier cards and Southwest ® Rapid Rewards ® Premier Business Credit Card each provide two EarlyBird Examine- Ins per year. These let you choose your board area 36 hours in advance of your flight. Additionally, they prevent you from having to test in right away before departure. The Priority and Performance Business cards, which are higher rank, provide four additional boardings annually. This benefit is important because, even if I forget to check in 24 hours before departure, I can still get an A1- A15 boarding place ( when accessible ), which increases my chances of getting one of the best tickets on the plane. Southwest frequently makes some nice flash revenue for both money and award flights. Most planes I guide with Southwest price 10, 000- 15, 000 factors each. Yet, I frequently get a refund on fresh flights, yet ones I’ve already booked, by keeping an eye on the Southwest website and app, as well as offer alerts on TPG. For example, I originally booked one of my flights to Portland mentioned above for 8, 021 points plus$ 5.60 in taxes. Then, a week later, Southwest announced its 50 %- off birthday sale. I canceled my original flight after rebooking it for a lower price, saving myself almost 4, 000 points to use on a subsequent flight because both the route and the date I had booked were eligible for the discount. Bonus anniversary pointsAside from the substantial 80, 000-point welcome bonus I received when I opened my Performance Business card and met the spending cap, I believe it’s worthwhile to keep a Southwest card for the long run if you fly Southwest at least occasionally each year. JESSICA PUCKETT/THE POINTS GUYIn addition to all the perks mentioned above, I receive 9, 000 bonus anniversary points each year I hold the card, those points are worth$ 117, according to TPG’s June 2024 valuations. That covers more than half of the card’s$ 199 annual fee. The other four cards offer 3, 000- 7, 500 bonus anniversary points. According to our calculations, these bonus points cover 56 %- 79 % of the annual fee, depending on which card you hold. Related: How to decide if a credit card’s annual fee is worth payingBottom lineSometimes, it’s important to admit you were misguided and make a correction. I’m so happy I applied for a Southwest credit card, because it has proved to be very helpful in making reservations for flexible flights and improving my travel experience with Southwest. If you want to pick up one of the three personal Southwest cards, aim for a bonus of at least 75, 000 points. The best time to apply for a Companion Pass is in February or March, when the issuer typically offers bonus points and a temporary Companion Pass, or when your application is final in the year to maximize your points earned for the Companion Pass the following year. If you just want bonus points, the middle of the year ( May- June ) is your best bet. If you’re looking to apply for a Southwest business card, the welcome bonuses do n’t change often. So, I recommend applying if you can get 60, 000 points on the Premier Business or 80, 000 points on the Performance Business. To learn more, read our full reviews of the — in order of lowest to highest annual fee — Southwest Plus, Premier, Priority, Premier Business and Performance Business cards. Apply here: Southwest PlusLearn more: Southwest PremierApply here: Southwest PriorityApply here: Southwest Premier BusinessApply here: Southwest Performance Business Related: Comparing the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority, Premier and Plus credit cards