Icelandair joins the mobile data global jet set with eSIM Go 

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eSIM Go  announced that Icelandair is launching its new eSIM mobile data services as a ‘Powered by Breeze’ partner. The Icelandic flag carrier becomes the latest global travel brand to offer Breeze eSIM mobile data bundles from eSIM Go, harnessing the opportunity to maximise customer loyalty and success, as well as generating additional revenue. Icelandair customers enjoy the superior choice, convenience and quality of Breeze’s mobile data packages for use at their stopover, arrival and onward destinations (covering 150+ countries and regions) from a co-branded Icelandair and Powered by Breeze proposition.

Mitch Fordham, CRO and Co-Founder at eSIM Go, said: “We’re extremely pleased to welcome Icelandair aboard and look forward to collaborating closely to drive strategic value over and above eSIM bundle sales. Choosing eSIM Go and our readymade Powered by Breeze modeI enables a fast-start into eSIM opportunities with a compelling offer for transatlantic travellers. But the deeper strategy is less about quick wins and more about making these customer engagements longer lasting, which we support through data analytics, application whitelisting and other features of our platform. Icelandair is renowned for its innovation, customer service and never compromising on quality, and this partnership is fully aligned with those principles.”

With its main hub in Reykjavik, Icelandair is uniquely positioned to offer one-stop transatlantic connections to and from a host of destinations in North America and Europe; routes with a high concentration of passengers facing extortionate roaming charges from their local (home) mobile operators, and therefore predisposed to low-cost, high-quality eSIM alternatives tailored to their travel needs. Icelandair is also committed to digital customer engagement via its website and mobile apps, and regards eSIMs as a way of enabling a more persistent customer experience.

Helga Huld Bjarnadóttir, Director of Products and Services at Icelandair, said: “At Icelandair, we aim to offer our passengers an exceptional digital customer experience. We therefore couldn’t be more excited to offer eSIM data bundles which will enable our passengers to stay connected throughout their journey. We’re thrilled to partner with eSIM Go and together we’re committed to empowering our passengers with superior connectivity on their travels.”




The post Icelandair joins the mobile data global jet set with eSIM Go  appeared first on Brand TD.