In Latvia, do not operate a vehicle with Russian passport plates!

Soviet license plate owners in Latvia have until yesterday to record their vehicles directly or have them removed from the nation, per the government’s deadline. The government now have the authority to seize these vehicles and use them in Ukraine’s war efforts as a result of the new laws being implemented.
Today, the Interior Ministry of Latvia announced in a statement posted on X ( previously known as Twitter ) that any Russian-registered vehicle found in use on Latvian roads can be seized and transferred without charge to help Ukraine fight Russian aggressors.
Drivers of vehicles with Russian license plates will be subject to a monetary fine of €750 ($ 808 ) to €2, 000 ($ 2, 150 ) under the new regulations.
However, a new law allows for 24-hour ongoing transit in Latvia and exempts vehicles used or owned by political personnel.
According to Russian media, it has been difficult for users of Russian vehicles to obtain Romanian license plates. They must give a customs obligation equal to 10 % of the vehicle’s market value, along with an additional 21 % value taxes, in order to complete the registration process. Additionally, only vehicles bought before October 2022 and with an operating certificate from the EU are available for enrollment in Latvia.
New reports indicate that the majority of people who owned Russian vehicles decided to sell them abroad without disclosing their exact numbers.
The Russian embassy in Riga condemned the new law and the planned seizure of Russian cars as examples of” state robbery.” SOURCE: Do n’t Drive Cars in Latvia With Russian License Plates! BY: eTurboNews | TN