In order for you to utilize your Quest 3 on a plane, Meta is “working on” its own type of Apple Vision Pro Travel Mode.

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Meta may have been a significant player in the VR industry for some time—possibly perhaps the largest—but stranger Apple is now coming up with features to add to its Quest headsets. The first of these features may be the ability to use your Qest VR wearable while driving or flying. With Vision Pro preorders already going live ( many Apple devices are already being sold on eBay for incredibly high rates ), the reveal trailer for the device, which is finally scheduled to launch on February 2, displayed a number of use situations. One of the examples involved a man putting their headset on while seated in flight, probably so they could have an interactive experience while flying. It seems like no-brainers to use a VR helmet while flying, especially if the airplane is crowded. You can watch videos on a huge online movie theater screen and neglect that you’re crammed into the back of the seat in front of you, instead of having to deal with shows that are only visible on the small screen. Although the concept seems straightforward, it can be challenging to implement, as one disgruntled Meta Quest 3 user learned when they had trouble using mixed reality on a flight. ( Image credit: Apple ) A more funny video of the Quest 3 restaurant floating off into the range while using the headset on a flight was posted on Twitter/X by user @afoxdesign. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth ( @boztank ) responded to the post by stating that the problem is brought on by the movement of the plane, which throws off the headset’s IMUs ( inertial motion sensors ). Your helmet thinks you’re moving around and adjusts the position of digital objects correctly because the sensors are picking up on the aircraft’s movement and motion. Bosworth added that Meta is “working on it” to enable the use of Quest headphones while driving, which is encouraging. Moving vehicles present a challenge ( when they promote in any direction ), but we use an IMU to maintain things localized in relation to your helmet motion. Since the IMU has a higher speed but lower reliability, we also use the cameras, which naturally complement each other. putting effort into it! On January 24, 2024, see moreBack in May 2023, Meta displayed a video in which the IMUs of the BMW’s Meta Quest Pro were being controlled by the device itself thanks to the receptors in the vehicle. Unfortunately, this solution would n’t work for commercial or low-tech aircraft, where it might not be the best idea to give random people direct access to the sensors. Therefore, the second choice might be to implement a condensed vacation mode that disables these motion sensors. Otherwise, the headset had function as a headset version of the Xreal Air 2 and other portable AR display glasses by utilizing scaled-back tracking data and reference points to help secure versions of dynamic experiences, such as watching videos or playing games through the VR Xbox Game Pass app. We’ll had to wait and see what Meta comes up with, but given that Apple has a remedy for the issue of using headphones while traveling and that Bosworth has stated that one is being worked on, we’re optimistic that Quest headsets will soon be usable on airplanes or in cars. Perhaps you’d even including