Indian Tourists’ International Travel Surges in 2023

Da Nang, a beach city in Vietnam, has been ranked as the top trending destination for Indian tourists, with the highest year-on-year increase in searches on Indian travel websites.

The Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, also made it to the list and secured the fifth position as a trending destination for Indian travelers.

Da Nang, known for its sandy beaches, saw a remarkable 1,141% increase in year-on-year searches, making it the top trending destination. Almaty in Kazakhstan (501%) and Baku in Azerbaijan (438%) followed as the next trending destinations with substantial search increases, according to a recent report by Skyscanner.

Hanoi secured the fifth spot on the list due to a significant 396% increase in searches by Indian travelers, following Osaka, Japan, which had a 435% search increase.

This ranking was based on the analysis of search increases from India between August 7, 2022, and August 7, 2023, compared to the same period in the previous year. The remaining destinations in the top 10 included Krabi in Thailand, Budapest in Hungary, Mahe Island in Seychelles, Auckland in New Zealand, and Vienna in Austria.

SOURCE: Indian Tourists’ International Travel Surges in 2023