Investigating the Nordic Woods and Swedish Wilderness

The forest camping of Nordic Woods is located in the heart of the undisturbed nature of Sweden. a location in the Scandinavian wilderness that is exquisite and close to one of Scandinavia’s most stunning lakes. Between June and September, go hiking with your friends and spent 7 times getting back to basics. There are amenities like a hot tub, baths on the lake, and fun activities like canoeing and deer safaris. Nordic Woods is here!

Nordic Woods is where?
The Nordic Woods station is situated in Sweden’s Snen National Park, one of the most beautiful areas in all of Europe. a camping area in the great wilderness where you can climb and see animals. The national park is situated on Hönshyltefjorden in southwestern Sweden, close to the town of Ryd. It takes between 12 and 13 hours to drive there ( with stops ), but flying or taking public transportation is also an option.
Residences in Nordic Woods
You’ll be in a tipi that can accommodate five individuals. You’ll be able to see trees and a sizable river from your tipi. All of the apartments are tastefully decorated, roomy, and the huts are tall enough for comfortable walking. Each tipi or tent comes with a picnic table, fire trap, and tripod for cooking over the fire because you’ll be spending so much time outside on this journey. Do we need to suggest anything else when you consider the perspective of the forest and the calm lake?

Events in Nordic Woods
There are many activities included during your week in the forest. On the property, there is a sizable tipi where different sessions are held, including yoga, meditation, and baking your own food. A sizable fire is lit in the evenings where you can socialize, tell tales, or perform Werewolf.
There is nothing better than unwinding in a hot, steaming bathtub or bath after an exhausting day of hiking through the forest ( with or without an experienced guide ). And Nordic Woods is all too aware of this, but they’ve tucked a heated, steaming tub among the trees so you can unwind entirely in the river sauna.
Looking for activity right now? Then paddle one of the French Long Canoes into the water to explore the camp’s river, rivers, and islands. A life day is also a part of your keep and might be slightly more exciting. You’ll spend the night in the bush and be given a boat and survival kit with tent, sleeping plate, and sleeping bag. a day of wild camping and returning to the fundamentals.
The deer vacation may be a fun alternative if that’s too adventurous for you ( but of course, you can do it all! ). Although spotting exotic moose can be challenging, you will undoubtedly come across some at the Smlandet Safari Park.
There is also more! View all of Nordic Woods ‘ actions. On and around the station, there is a ton to do and experience.
What is the price of a week in the jungle?
Just travel to and from Sweden is not included in the comprehensive journey that Nordic Woods arranges for you. The journey lasts 7 times, from Saturday to Saturday, and is between June and September.
Because you can take guided excursions, use the canoes endlessly, and take advantage of the hot tub and bath, you get much more than just a place to sleep. You can unwind and play activities on a shared landscape while participating in yoga, meditation, sessions ( such as wheat bread, cold education, and guided hikes ). A BBQ, fireplace trap, and cooking are available to you on the deck by the camp, along with a case of wood for the fire.
Can you picture yourself among the branches on a balcony in front of your tipi? You can make a reservation on Nordic Woods ‘ site. Enjoy a fun trip in the outdoors in Sweden!