Ismail Haniyeh’s brothers are killed in an Israeli attack in Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Islamist group, Haniyeh’s family, and the Israel Defense Forces ( IDF), three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh died in an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip. In addition to the battle, Haniyeh, a Qatari resident, has played a significant role in Hamas ‘ international politics work. The assault in Gaza’s Al- Shati station no just claimed the lives of his sons – Hazem, Amir, and Mohammad– but likewise resulted in the death of three of Haniyeh’s grandchildren, with another wounded, according to Hamas media. In spite of the individual reduction, Haniyeh affirmed the importance of the group’s sacrifice for the Arab cause, telling Al Jazeera TV that Hamas has criticized the cease-fire negotiations as being intransigent. Haniyeh also emphasized that Hamas wants to see the right for Palestinians to flee to their homes. &# 13,
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Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas since 2017 and who frequently travels between Turkey and Qatar to evade Jewish go restrictions, has played a key role in the cease-fire agreements and the ongoing relationship with Iran, Hamas ‘ principal alliance. Israel designates all of Hamas ‘ administration, including Haniyeh, as extremists, accusing them of orchestrating continuing criminal activities.