Istanbul aims for a record-breaking 20 million customers.

The head of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies ( TÜRSAB), Firuz Balkaya, unveiled ambitious plans for Istanbul’s tourism, aiming for a staggering 20 million foreign visitors.
Balkaya emphasized the state’s charm on a global scale, citing the influx of tourists from more than 200 countries, including Russia, Germany, the US, and the UK, as major donors to the increase.
Istanbul’s beauty as a social and culinary haven was highlighted by Balkaya, which recently reported that there would be an estimated 17 million tourists in 2023. He cited 76 Michelin Guide-listed restaurants and a vibrant exhibition tradition that attracted 5.8 million tourists across 86 galleries in 2022 to highlight the state’s culinary scene.
Cruise and health tourism in Istanbul
In the first 11 months of 2023, 219 cruise ships docked in Istanbul, welcoming over 392, 000 guests, demonstrating the state’s thriving coastal tourism industry. Plans to quicken journey from the slot to the ancient peninsula, avoiding traffic congestion, and maximizing visitor time were among the efforts to simplify tourist experiences that Balkaya highlighted.
With 188 hospitals, 79 health centers, and 435 accredited clinics and inpatient facilities, Balkaya highlighted Istanbul’s growing reputation as a medical tourism hotspot in addition to traditional tourism. Due to the state’s expansion in this specialized industry, the number of travel companies specializing in heath tourism has increased to 590.
Istanbul is prepared to consolidate its status as a global commerce hotspot with its diverse attractions and coordinated efforts to improve customer experiences. Istanbul embraces social, culinary, coastal, and medical tourism with ambitious targets on the horizon.
Istanbul seeks to break records by welcoming 20 million readers.