Italy passport in crisis

by: Mario Masciullo – eTN Italy | copyright: eTurboNews – Travel Industry News – World Travel News

It is assured that a solution to this passport mess is imminent. This is the promise of the Italy Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanchè, who spoke in Milan at the inauguration of the new Line 5 underground train.

“In the next 10 days, we will give you the structural solution that will solve the passport problem,” guaranteed Santanchè, who confirms that she has received reassurances from the Italy Interior Ministry about an increase in staff shifts, “But that’s not enough, we have to give in. Together with the Minister of the Interior, we will come up with an innovative solution.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Francesca Ghirra of Alleanza Verdi and the left party, denounced the long queues at the Cagliari Police Headquarters on the Open Day for the renewal of the passport, saying:

“Endless queues and long waiting times – a shame.”

Ghirra, who had presented a question to Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi in parliament, underlined, “The Open Day for the renewal of passports in Cagliari has turned into an endless wait, among hundreds of people on the street and on sidewalks starting early in the morning; angry people who had the patience to wait and have to go back after hours of waiting.”

According to Deputy Ghirra: “The question concerns above all the shortage of employees in the offices of the Viminale. It is useless to make the agents work on Sunday morning if they cannot find structural solutions.

“The minister should apologize and understand the problem. We will continue to ensure that the minister takes care of it, rather than on-sea rescue for NGOs, so that all citizens are recognized the right to have their own passport quickly.”

Vicar President of Fiavet Puglia, Piero Innocenti, also intervened on the matter:

“The difficulty of issuing passports and identity cards is creating problems for travelers and putting travel agencies into crisis.”

“Freedom of movement and business are rights recognized by the constitution, but it seems some are denied right now.”

Innocenti remarked, “If a citizen has an appointment to renew a passport in June, he cannot plan his holidays; he cannot freely decide the destination. He is, therefore, forced to postpone. And travel agents find it difficult to sell package tours, as uncertainty reigns. For this reason, I hope for a decisive intervention before the situation worsens as summer approaches.”

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