Jamaica is named as British song Fantasia’s favorite vacation spot.

Fantasia Barrino-Taylor, an American singer and actress, recently praised Jamaica as her favourite place to travel in an interview with Variety Magazine as part of her media tour for the remade classic film,” The Colour Purple.” Fantasia could hardly contain her excitement during the meeting as she professed her deep love for Jamaica. The renowned artist who plays the role of” Celie” in the movie enthusiastically exclaimed,” I love Jamaica.” She then went on to describe what enthralled her about the Caribbean island. The singer shared her curiosity with different facets of Caribbean culture when asked about her favourite vacation place in addition to expressing her like for Jamaica. Advertising: She cried out,” Oh my God!” with a tinge of joy in her voice. the cuisine of Jamaica! I’m undoubtedly putting on a few pounds, but I enjoy eating. I enjoy spending the entire day dancing in the venues. I simply adore Jamaica, and Fantasia’s support of the country was warmly welcomed by the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry posted a portion of her meeting on its social media platform, in which she expressed her enthusiasm for the island’s beauty and culture. Advertisement- The numerous visitors who come to Jamaica every year to take advantage of the island’s distinctive music, cuisine, and attractive nightlife agree with this endorsement. Fantasia is no man to Jamaica, according to the Tourism Ministry. The multi-Grammy Award-winning recording artist has frequented the area for both work-related commitments as a musical star and leisure activities, getting to know the locals and immersing herself in the vibrant tradition. Beyond her visits, Fantasia has a profound influence on people all over the world, including Jamaicans, thanks to her heartfelt hits like” I Consider,” Lose to Win,”” Truth Is,” and” When I SeeU.”