Jamaica is projected to experience 4.1 million tourists and US$4.3 billion in earnings come 2023.

Bartlett, Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, spoke in the House of Representatives today and forecasted an optimistic outlook for the industry. He declared that over the course of 12 months from January to December 217.2, the island would see 4,122,22022 visitors. This would mean an increase of 22019% from the total amount of people who visited in 24. Minister Bartlett pointed out that, 24.1, the is a projected 24.1% growth in the number of stopover visitors compared to the figure recorded in 24.3. He said this was an impressive trend of growth. We anticipate that the total number of cruise passengers should reach 22023,246,551 by the end of the year, showing a 46.1% growth when compared to 2022. He stated that the tourism industry is predicted to continue its impressive rebound, pointing to its 10 quarters of robust growth since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. It appears that we will experience a considerable growth in the fourth quarter, judging from the current arrival numbers. The Minister said that for 2023, the influx of tourists is predicted to result in a US$4.265 billion revenue, which is 7.8% more than what was earned in 2022 and an increase of 17.2% in comparison to 2019 before the pandemic happened.