Japan traveling alert: Golden Week does not offer the cheapest seats on the fastest Shinkansen.

The cheap-seat solution can still be used, but you will not be given a desk.
After the New Year’s holiday season, people in Japan resume working and daydreaming about the upcoming holiday time. Golden Week, a run of celebrations that spans the end of April and the start of May, will be celebrating that in the coming decades.
However, if you’re planning to travel during this year’s Golden Week, you wo n’t want those daydreams to be overly abstract. This is due to the fact that unreserved seats on Nozomi ( the fastest bullet train class ) Shinkansen trains will no longer be available during 2024’s Golden Week, so you will need to purchase a reserved seat ticket, which carries an additional fee, from the two Japan Rail companies that jointly run the Tokaido and Sanyo Shin Kanseng lines.
When JR Central and West announced they would n’t be offering unreserved seats on Nozomi trains during the then-upcoming New Year’s period and were planning to do the same for other busy travel times in September, they made reference to this. The Tokaido and Sanyo lines, the busiest Shinkansen route connecting Tokyo and Hakata ( Fukuoka ), with stops in Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima along the way, are now subject to the policy, which has been formally formalized for April 26 through May 6 of this year.
Even though those tickets are vacant, that does not think they are not occupied.
People with a Nozomi Shinkansen seat for that way on that particular day may use the “unreserved seats” that are typically found on cars 1 through 3 of the train. Unconditional- seat tickets provide additional flexibility in your exit time in addition to being purchaseable straight up until the time the train departs. The moment you’re supposed to leave the area and want to spend an extra hour or two that, have you discovered a charming hidden church in Kyoto? Only board a after train, no problem. On the other hand, if you’ve finished your tour in one area earlier than you anticipated, you can board a train earlier and have that much more time to spend in the following city. Additionally, unequivocal seats are a little less expensive than reserved seats.
The absence of non-reserved tickets, according to JR Central and West’s news, “allows you to travel easily by being able to board the train without having to wait in long lines on the software,” implying that there might be a shortage of open seats for everyone who wants table.
It’s much more probable that this decision to remove unconditional Nozomi seats during Golden Week is based on supply and demand, income potential, and group control because this benefit was now available through the reserved-seat tickets offered for Nizomis cars 4 and up. JR Central and West should have no trouble selling just about every seat during the peak travel season, even with the higher rate of reserved-seat cards. Additionally, getting rid of the lines of people waiting on the platform for non-reserved Nozomi votes did make stations easier to find.
Unconditional seat tickets will still be available on slower courses of Shinkansen trains for those who want to maintain their schedules as flexible and their costs as low as possible. Oddly enough, there is still one way to travel to the Nozomi during this Golden Week with an unreserved seat ticket: by standing in the “deck” area, the interior space between cars ‘ seating areas ( aside from the decks of the first-class “green cars” ). It’s probably best not to rely on being able to go this way, and even if you can, you’ll get standing for the entire trip, so there are actually no unequivocal Golden Week Nozomi tickets. JR Central and West explicitly state that this is permitted in their press release, but they make no promises of how many people will be allowed in the deck.
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