Java Glass Bridge Shatters Killing Tourist

The owner of a glass bridge in Indonesia‘s Central Java Province has been arrested by police after a portion of the bridge shattered, killing a tourist.

The accident happened when one of the glass panels broke, while a group of tourists were walking on the bridge.

Two visitors fell to the ground when the bridge’s glass panels shattered. One of them was declared dead, while the other sustained minor injuries.

Two other tourists managed to cling to the bridge’s frame and were rescued.

The 32-foot-high suspension glass bridge in the Limpakuwus Pine Forest, in Central Java‘s Banyumas Regency, is a popular tourist attraction and drew a steady flow of visitors prior to the deadly accident.

According to Indonesian authorities investigating the accident, the owner had personally designed the glass bridge without required licensing, with glass flooring that was only 1.2 centimeters (0.47 inches) thick, and failed to adhere to operational standards and safety regulations while operating it as a tourist attraction.

Investigators said that the foam on the glass panels had deteriorated over time, and there were no warning or information signs or visitor advisories at the entrance to the glass bridge.

The owner of the bridge, who apparently also owns two other similar attractions in the area, was charged with negligence over the fatal accident. He was charged under Articles 359 and 360 of the Criminal Code. Article 359 governs negligence resulting in the death of another, while the Article 360 addresses negligence resulting in injury to another.

If convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison under Indonesia’s criminal law, according to Banyumas City Police Chief.

After the accident, many tourism experts urged Indonesian authorities to reconsider allowing building and operating such hazardous tourist attractions to ensure visitors’ safety.

SOURCE: Java Glass Bridge Shatters Killing Tourist