Jibhi– I call it Mini Heaven! !

In 2022, I took a Halloween trip by myself to Jibhi. I did n’t want to waste it by myself at home with only four days left.
Do n’t we all need a quick break to rejuvenate? We do best? Jibhi is one of those unspoiled and rejuvenating locations that has n’t yet been made profitable. Consequently, that is This kind of place.
How to Journey from Delhi?
There is n’t a direct bus service between Jibhi and Delhi. You can board a vehicle from Kashmiri Gate or Majnu ka Tila and land at Aut. From Aut, you can either get the regional vehicle or rent a car.
Zingbus was booked, and it left Kashmiri Gate. I already had a taxi booked from Aut the day before, so I do n’t have to struggle in the morning. The length from Delhi – Aut is about 11: 30hrs -12hrs. If you do n’t stop in between for breakfast and Aut, it might have taken me about 1 hour 30 minutes.
On my way to Jibhi
Where to Stay?
You can use Airbnb to reserve a hotel or house. I had reserved a house away from the crowd. Although it was a duplex that could accommodate up to five people, I was staying alone, which cost me$ 7K for two nights and breakfast was included. I had 2 weeks all to myself, surrounded by vegetation and peace. The best kind of experience one can ever encounter.
Places to Visit
There are a few beautiful locations and cafes in Jibhi that you can visit while there.
Mini Thailand
I had done some research, and many folks had suggested” Mini Thailand.” I really did n’t understand what it was until I saw it for myself. I had now slept in the van, so when I got home, I made a change and headed for Mini Thailand. It was a short descent down the river. I once experienced a sense of lost. There was nothing to question and no one to inquire. I kept walking until I came across a tiny barn in the jungle. When I spoke with the woman there, she explained that there are two large fused mountains known as “mini Thailand.” I eventually arrived where I had planned. It made me think that Krabi in Thailand might be the cause of the name change, so I assumed that might be that. However, it was a very relaxing place. Never a one man around, I was the only one there. These are the kinds of places where you can reveal and unwind. After completing my portion of character remedy, I returned to the barn with the woman who sold tea and momos.
That’s Mini Thailand!
Jibhi Waterfall
Second place you can visit is Jibhi Waterfall. Although there were no passengers in the cars, you could walk. You might have to move a little, but that’s okay as you’re breathing fresh air and taking in the beauty of the outdoors. It might have taken me about 20 minutes to get to this location from my house. There was a lot of beauty and vegetation nearby. Because it was October, the temperature was also windy. Once you enter the doorway, you have to trek a bit to reach till the Waterfall. It is undoubtedly not very high, but I have seen more daring people. But I guess rather than the Waterfall, it was the surrounding that was good.
Jalori Pass
The Jalori Pass may unquestionably be missed. I had a vehicle booked to Jalori Pass from my lodge, which was about 40 minutes away. Taxi drivers may cost you Rs2500 for the day. There are bunch of small café about. All vehicles must be parked around. From Jalori Pass, you may travel 360 degrees to Serolsar Lake. As Serolsar Lake was higher than 360 degrees, I preferred to walk there. Nevertheless, I initially believed I would cover 360 degrees after returning from the river, but I was able to get there by about half way. If anyone of you does n’t want to trek for 6 kilometers to the lake, the 360-degree option is available since it’s only 3 km from Jalori Pass.
On the way to 360 Degree
Serolsar Lake
My driver was not willing to walk with me, so I decided to go by myself. The trek’s complexity level was reasonable to simple. The range is about 6 kilometers long, and depending on your rate, it will take you between 2 and 3 hours. I went on my own and continued to walk until I realized there were n’t any other people nearby. At one level, I nearly gave up because I was scared. I again began to feel startled when I realized that no one was following me because I could only hear my footsteps. I began to wonder if there would be no one around for assistance if anything happened to me. I was on the verge of returning from that awful experience. There were so many café on the way but all those were closed, maybe because it was Diwali.
I really do n’t know what happened, I gathered all the courage I had and moved ahead. When I was driving past a sheep and his animals in the fields, I realized what I wanted to do. Everything appeared so lovely, and I was frozen. I had no choice but to ask for more. No material items can give you that kind of achievement. This time, I persevered until I saw an open café and the river were nearby. Ohh what an success! I visited the lake, it was n’t very big but pretty enough. The river was below, and there was a temple on best. spent some time there before returning to the cafe for drink. That drink was a lord, significantly!! I was so tired till the moment I reached, drink was all I needed. I then had tea and lucy, and I was impressed by her making Rajma Chawal and Rajma Chula. We Indians are all aware of how delicious meal can be when properly cooked in chula. I had to consume a dish of Rajma. But I sat it, sipped drink, had lucy and waited for Rajma. Wrote my book, had rajma and headed back to Jalori Pass.
Ebooks &amp, Plants Café
Please do not miss to attend Books &amp, Plants Café in Jibhi. I returned to the location several days because I adored it so much. They have both indoor and outdoor chairs close to the river and are close by. I just loved the floor-to-floor seating because it was very warm. They also have a guesthouse, which is what I learned.
The Pink Panther
I wanted to see how the market looked on the last day when I drove from my house to Jibhi business. You’ll discover several cafés it, and the business is very small. I was once more sightseeing, so I was feeling exhausted when I made the decision to taste caffeine at The Pink Panther. Great place to chat. Since my pilot was supposed to pick me up at 4 o’clock, I took a break and headed back to Books &amp, Blossoms for breakfast.
So, that’s where my journey ended but I must say it was one devil of an experience. A small, self-explanatory hill place. I was thus close to nature that nothing else appeared to me to be important and everything else appeared to be. For all of us, and for our psychological health, these types of soul-searching trips are extremely important.
Hope you enjoyed reading.