June Big Events in Kuwait

 With a map full of various artistic and musical events that satisfy different tastes and interests, Jaber Al- Ahmed Cultural Centre presents a distinguished schedule for June 2022 which will feature local and international performances.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony of Fate Evening 
2 June 

Splendid is the perfect title for this event Performed by Ahmadi Music Group led by Maestro Richard Bushman playing the Fifth Symphony of the great German composer Ludwig van Beethoven in grand style and precise and elaborate performance. The event also includes a specialised lecture on the life of Beethoven and the importance of the Fifth Symphony in the world of music, as well as the art of listening to that symphony and a number of other surprises.

Gipsy Kings…The soul of Spain in Kuwait 
16, 17 June

In the spirit of early Andalusian music and worldwide success spanning 30 years, The Gipsy Kings showcase their music with varied styles, such as rumba mixed with pop effects and Latin music at the strings of jazz guitars via the hands of the famed award-winning and record-holding virtuoso Tonino Baliardo, accompanied by his traditional band and with the participation of two new members, his sons Cosso and Michael. A bunch of the band’s most popular and well-known songs await the audience that evening, such as Bamboleo, and the dreamy, romantic Un Amor, among other favourites. As for the great surprise, the band will present their new song Chica Del Sol which will be released for the first time on stage in Kuwait.

(Turkish Delights) Different Music Night 
20 June

Nostalgia may take you to the streets of Old Istanbul or bring you memories of Trabzon’s picturesque nature. When this feeling comes to you, a Turkish tunes event is all you need. Composer and virtuoso Qanun player Bassam Al Bloushi, accompanied by a group of talented musicians will carry us to a harmonious world of rich maqams (musical structures) and melodies that evoke the beauty of Turkish music and its original long-standing creations.

(MINISTRY OF SCIENCE) Show: Great fun and education for little ones 
23, 24, 25 June

Since its launch in 2014, the show has toured The World from New Zealand to Portugal, and now taking on Kuwait. It is a show that the whole family can enjoy and is centred around the children’s curriculum and aims to inspire them at an early age to be passionate about science in a wonderful, fun and action-packed style so it’s loved by adults too. Let your children watch how nitrogen clouds form? What are oxygen and hydrogen balloons? Even a self-built Hovercraft. All in an interactive environment throughout the show.

All these events take place at Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre theatres and the audience can book tickets via the site https://www.jacc-kw.com or the center’s app on Apple Store and Google play.

Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre is an architectural and cultural landmark in the heart of Kuwait that opened in 2016 and aims to highlight and showcase local and international arts and creations and is a national centre for culture in the country. It consists of 4 buildings with attractive jewel-inspired design and contains theatres, conference halls, concert halls, exhibition halls and restaurants surrounded by parks and green spaces.