Kamal Adwan Medical Center located in Northern Gaza was emptied out in agreement with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), as a result of terrorists using the site as a hiding place.

The Israeli Defense Forces reported to the United Nations that there are still approximately 100,000 citizens residing in the Northern regions of Gaza; the Kamal Adwan Medical Center is in the process of being emptied out. Avichay Adraee, the Israeli military spokesperson, wrote on Twitter in English, “It is not in our interest to harm civilians”.

Kamal Adwan Hospital in Northern Gaza was completely evacuated as of Wednesday morning, as requested by the director of the hospital. After communicating with the IDF, the process went smoothly and the safety of all those present was guaranteed. The ongoing struggle betweeen Israel and Hamas has encouraged the residents of the Northern Strip in Gaza to move South for their own safety, due to the IDF firing at Hamas-related buildings in that area. The Israeli defence spokesperson stated in a tweet written in English that “It is not in our interest to harm civilians”. Elad Goren, the boss of the Civil Department of COGAT, told The Media Line that there are still approximately 100,000 people in Northern Gaza, and evacuations are occurring on a daily basis. “At this very moment, the Kamal Adwan Medical Center is being cleared out,” he added. The director of Kamal Adwan Hospital summoned for our forces to aid in relocating those who were safe from the facility to the south. We are helping to make it happen. Goren pointed out that the hospital’s executives saw it as an imperative to evacuate since there were armed individuals present, aware of the danger it might lead to. He stated that over 300 people have been evacuated in association with the IDF. Top Stories. .