Kunstsilo, a new museum for Nordic Modern Art, to open in Norway on 11 May 2024

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An innovative cultural centre, Kunstsilo will invite visitors to interact with art and experience Southern Norway’s most spectacular archipelago.

Kunstsilo, a new world-class museum, is set to open its doors on 11 May 2024. Located in Kristiansand in South of Norway, Kunstsilo seamlessly integrates the Southern Norway Art Museum and the prestigious Tangen Collection of Nordic art.

Housed within a meticulously restored grain silo, Kunstsilo stands as a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. Covering three floors and boasting an expansive 3,300 square meters of exhibition space, this heritage preservation project undertaken by Mestres Wåge Arquitectes and MX_SI Architectural Studio transforms a functionalist architectural gem designed by the esteemed architects Arne Korsmo and Sverre Aasland in 1935 into a world-class cultural venue.

Kunstsilo will be more than an art museum; this innovative cultural centre will be a place to interact with digital art, explore new ideas and experience a range of international touring exhibitions. Offering panoramic views of the region’s spectacular coastline, the space will also act as a venue for lectures, concerts, dining experiences, workshops, and events.

At the heart of Kunstsilo lies the Tangen Collection, the world’s largest private collection of Nordic art. Founded by Kristiansand native and devoted art patron Nicolai Tangen, the collection encompasses over 5,500 works by more than 300 artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. As art collector and patron Nicolai Tangen established the AKO Foundation and has championed art from the region by both renowned and overlooked artists. Acquiring his first artwork in the 1990s, the collection will leave an enduring mark on the global art landscape through its ongoing presentation and preservation at Kunstsilo.

Kunstsilo’s inaugural exhibition, ‘Passions of the North’ (11 May 2024 – autumn 2024) promises an immersive journey into Nordic art. Inspired by conceptual themes drawn from literary giants like Thomas Hardy and Virginia Woolf, the exhibition explores the dynamics between society, community, mechanical and organic aspects, and the contrast between rural and urban life. Unfolding through 25 rooms, each adorned with distinctive moods and pastel colours, the exhibition showcases over 700 works from the Tangen Collection made between 1910 – 1990, emphasising a multifaceted perspective on Modern art and its reflection of life in the rapidly changing 20th century.

After six years of planning we are delighted to today announce the opening of Kunstsilo. This new museum will offer visitors to Kristiansand an awe-inspiring venue that puts them at once close to art and the city’s natural beauty. We are proud to be working closely with the Tangen Collection as custodians of one of the world’s greatest Nordic art collections and putting it on view in one building for the first time.’ Reidar Fuglestad, CEO of Kunstsilo.

‘Showing the Tangen Collection in Kristiansand has long been a dream of mine and the Kunstsilo is a venue like no other. With its impressive architecture, views of the ocean and a vision to transform the appreciation of Nordic modern art, Kunstsilo will be a game changer. The museum looks forward to welcoming visitors from May.’ Nicolai Tangen. Board Member of Kunstsilo and Founder of the Tangen Collection

An opening weekend of events and activities will invite families, visitors, and locals alike to join in the celebratory moment for Kunstsilo’s inauguration. More details of the forthcoming programme will be announced in early 2024.


The post Kunstsilo, a new museum for Nordic Modern Art, to open in Norway on 11 May 2024 appeared first on Brand TD.