La Prensa Latina Media reports on the travel restrictions for extremist Israeli settler refugees in New Zealand and names Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Bangkok, February 29 ( EFE). On Thursday, New Zealand declared the Islamist organization Hamas in Palestine a terrorist organization and imposed travel restrictions on “extremist Jewish inhabitants.”
The two separate announcements come as Israel launches a crushing offensive in the Gaza Strip following Hamas ‘ assault on southern Israel on October7.
Following the title of Hamas as a terrorist organization in its totality in 2010, Wellington made the announcement that it had received the same title as its military aircraft.
What transpired on October 7th, “reaffirms our inability to tell the difference between Hamas ‘ political and military arms. Foreign Minister Winston Peters said in a statement that the firm as a whole is to blame for these abhorrent terrorist attacks.
The title makes it illegal to deal with Hamas in any way with their property, make fiscal arrangements, or give stuff support, and freeze any assets of Hamas in New Zealand.
Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said,” New Zealand wants to be clear that the title of Hamas is about the activities of an offshore criminal organization and is not a mirror on the Arab citizens in Gaza and elsewhere in the world.”
The chief added that the estimate “does not quit New Zealand from providing charitable and forthcoming development assistance to civilians in Gaza, nor does it prevent us from providing diplomatic support to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents in the conflict zone.”
Peters called for” an ending to the crime and an immediate resumption of the Middle East Harmony Process” and expressed Wellington’s “grav problem” for the effects of the conflict on civilians.
He continued,” Quiet means will only be used to bring about a lasting resolution to the conflict.”
Additionally, the pair made it clear that” a number of fundamentalist Jewish settlers who have attacked Palestinians violently in the West Bank” may be barred from entering New Zealand.
” Israel is deeply concerned about the current rise in xenophobic attacks on Palestinians by Israeli inhabitants. In a situation where there is already a major crisis, Luxon said,” this is especially disruptive.”
A two-state alternative to the issue was a need, according to Peters.
He claimed that” New Zealand’s constant placement has been that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian lands are a violation of international law.”
As part of a negotiated two-state solution,” the global community is overwhelmingly in favor of a future Arab condition.” New Zealand agrees with this sentiment and may continue to support a swift resume of the Middle East Peace Process. Disobedience
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