Lawsuit Against WorldMark Proceeds As California Court Again Denies Attempts To Dismiss

Lawsuit Against WorldMark Proceeds As California Court Again Denies Attempts To Dismiss


“There is a definite pattern emerging,” says Attorney Sussman. “A Wyndham salesperson – in this case a licensed real estate agent whom Robert and Christine believed they could trust – tells the potential clients anything they want to hear in order to get them to sign the contract.”

On August 6, 2017, Bolin and Allen attended a timeshare sales presentation in Anaheim, California, where real estate agent, Sergio Diaz, answered their questions and concerns about a Hawaii vacation, its availability and affordability.

“We are alleging that Mr. Diaz fraudulently and knowingly misrepresented to my clients that they’d purchased enough timeshare credits to travel to Hawaii; and that if they purchased today, they’d receive a ‘free week’ in Hawaii,” says Sussman.  “He also promised they were purchasing an ‘elite’ package which would grant them priority access to their desired Hawaii vacation. And should they ever want to sell the timeshare, it would be easy to do.”

According to Bolin and Allen, none of what Diaz assured them turned out to be true.  There was no free week and no easy access. Furthermore, they claim they remain unable to sell their timeshare despite repeated attempts.

“My clients had every right to expect that the representations made by Diaz were honest and accurate because he was acting as a dual real estate broker and as such is bound by the highest standard of care to disclose any and all material facts and information,” says Sussman.  “The last thing they expected was that he would lie to them just to make the sale.”

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