Liberty resolves go problems and makes it to Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona- Liberty experienced a difficult journey on Wednesday as it attempted to reach Phoenix in time to start making Fiesta Bowl arrangements. Due to a fog-in aircraft, the Flames sport team was unable to depart Lynchburg on Wednesday afternoon. According to the legend, the University gathered some trucks and traveled to Richmond, where they were able to take off from the Commonwealth. The group was, to put it mildly, behind plan as a result of the delay. They arrived in Phoenix at 10 p.m. Eastern day, or midnightMST. The Flames had a long time leading up to their first-ever New Year’s six dish game opportunity. When the unbeaten Conference USA champions face off against 8th-ranked Oregon, it will be the biggest sport in system history. The focus does n’t change, coach Jamey Chadwell said to the press members waiting in Phoenix for the team despite the late arrival. ” They’ll be prepared to leave.” Knowing that we’re getting on the plane and have the chance to come out here, I believe today ( Wednesday ) was a brief practice. However, our guys are aware of our purpose for being here. We’re coming out here to get a sports game and give it our all, but we also intend to enjoy the festivities that have been planned. We must undoubtedly adjust to the day shift, which will be, in my opinion, the biggest challenge. The first day is spent adjusting to the two-hour day shift. It’s not something we’re not used to because we had to do that when we played UTEP earlier in the year. This is our second season of FBS sport, and when they made the decision, it was, you know, five years ago.” Liberty manager Chadwell says, to be able to perform in a nNew Year’s Six bowl is probably extraordinary. On Thursday, the Flames practiced in the evening and had the offensive players face the media.