Loro Piana Travels to 18th-century Scottish Castle

Milan is undoubtedly a member of Made in Italy quality and workmanship, but it is also a global company that imports its wool, mohair, vicua, wool, and other priceless fabrics from nations all over the world. The company has a strong connection to Scotland, and for the fall it chose Scotland as the environment for its campaign.
The plan was photographed by Mario Sorrenti to celebrate its centennial this year with the history variety, which is set against the impressive Inveraray Castle, which Torquhil Campbell, the 13th Duke of Argyll, owns.
An picture from the Loro Piana drop 2024 strategy.

The creek, a distinctive Scots woollen fabric, is a destination in Scotland where Loro Piana first learned about the benefits of the fiore di cardo, a nettle flower, which has been a part of its coat of arms since 1951. The dandelion, which was previously used to lift and clean wool in its manufacturer, was transformed into beautiful pins that closed jacket collars for the fall, making a bigger statement in jewelry. The collar were closed and pinned to sustain the warmth of the wrap, which was how the overdue Sergio Loro Piana stored his wardrobe’s jackets.

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” Loro Piana is a story of an outstanding family and for the history set I wanted to keep this familiar nature in the blast, usually with a sophisticated simplicity and timeless, whispered elegance”, said Sorrenti, touting Scotland’s “dramatic surroundings” and the beauty of the 18th-century Inveraray Castle.
An picture from the Loro Piana drop 2024 strategy.

Models Bibi Breslin, Anok Yai, Angelina Kendall, Leon Dame and Woosang Kim are portrayed in groups or alone in the land, on the grounds of the tower, its turrets and striking stones towering in the background, or inside the library for instance, in calm and pleasant moments.
The renowned brand’s key fabrications were reprised in the sophisticated fall collection, including the exclusive Pecora Nera naturally dark wool sourced in New Zealand and the Sopra Visso wool used to make cropped jackets and pencil skirts in Italy. The rich textures of the clothing, in light camel, tundra, mossy brown, tawny bark mélange and deep burgundy, blended in with the atmosphere of Scotland, the cloudy skies and greenery of the landscape and the richly decorated interiors of the castle.