Lotus Shaped Navi Mumbai Airport in India to Immediately Begin Flying

The highly anticipated Navi Mumbai International Airport development is moving quickly in Mumbai, India, with government announcing that the aircraft will begin operating by March 31, 2025.
As of now, about 63 % of the design job has been accomplished. Importantly, the airport boasts a unique style inspired by the lotus flower, India’s federal flower.
After the Adani Group ceded power of GVK Industries in 2021, the initiative is now under the command of Adani Airport Holdings Limited, with a remarkable expenditure of Rs 16,700 million.
The fresh airport’s construction, which began in 2018, aims to lessen the strain on the crowded Mumbai International Airport.
The project, which spans 1160 acres of land, is divided into four stages, with the authorities aiming to have the first two phases operationalized by the designated date.
By 2032, the airport’s whole operation is anticipated to be complete, with significant progress being made by the prosperous modification of the Ulwe River’s course and the conclusion of hill leveling.
Also, swamps have been filled, and high- stress transmission lines have been installed in the region.
Two planes measuring 3700 meters in length and 60 feet in length are nearing conclusion.
The Navi Mumbai International Airport is a bible to India’s devotion to cutting-edge aircraft technology as the days go by before its commencement.