Major US humanitarian official visiting the Middle East this week is first reported on CNN.


In an effort to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Gaza that is turning into a crisis, the best humanitarian support official for the US government will visit Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank this week.

According to a USAID spokesperson, US Agency for International Development ( USAID ) Administrator Samantha Power will meet with representatives from the Israeli, Palestinian Authority, Jordanian, and international humanitarian aid organizations” to discuss the urgent need for expanded access to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian and commercial supplies to civilians in Gaza.”

According to the director, power does “underscore the significance of protecting civilians and aid workers in accordance with international humanitarian law.”

Energy is the most recent Biden administration to visit the area and stress US concerns about the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn region that is getting worse. Her next trip since the Hamas attacks on October 7 coincides with worries about an Israeli military operation in Rafah that, according to international aid organizations, could “deal a death blow to an already on its knees charitable response.”

President Joe Biden and other US officials have repeatedly urged Israel to improve the flow of aid into Gaza and lessen civilian deaths. Additionally, US officials have issued a warning against an unpleasant in Rafah, where more than one million refugees have fled without any protection for residents.

Although the Biden administration has grown more critical of the cost of Israel’s rude, it continues to be at odds with the global humanitarian community and countries like Jordan by vetoing calling for an instant peace. Instead, US authorities assert that a “durable peace” cannot be achieved unless any temporary peace is accompanied by the launch of the hostages held by Hamas.

Power has encountered internal and external rallies regarding the Biden administration’s stance on Gaza. In an election year, Biden may face social challenges due to ongoing anger over the government’s ongoing assistance for the Israeli military unpleasant. Energy and a group of administration officials met with Michigan’s Muslim United and Muslim communities earlier this month to talk about the issue.

Power’s trip, according to a USAID spokesman, “reaffirms the United States ‘ commitment to supporting the humanitarian response to the Gaza problems, accelerating life-saving support, and promoting profound peace, security and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

The spokesperson declined to provide any specific information regarding Power’s meetings during the trip or whether she intends to speak with any representatives from UNRWA, the UN and the principal charitable organization operating in Gaza, which has a offices in Jordan. Following claims that UNRWA employees were involved in the attack on October 7, the US and a number of other nations stopped funding the troubled UN company. Congress has made a move to prevent UNRWA from receiving any additional US money.

The ongoing conflict has forced 75 % of Gaza’s people to flee, and more than two million people are nowadays “at imminent danger of hunger,” according to the UN.

Last week, Doctors Without Borders secretary general Christopher Lockyear issued a warning that” there is no health system to talk of left in Gaza.”

No amount of humanitarian assistance will be able to make up for the month of poverty that households in Gaza have experienced, according to the top officials of 19 global humanitarian organizations and UN agencies who jointly called for an immediate ceasefire next week.