Many Airlines Say Bah-Humbug To Christmas Crackers This Year

The beloved Christmas cracker is as much an essential festive tradition as tinsel, mulled wine, stockings and presents. However, British travelers flying abroad this Christmas and planning on packing a festive box (or two!) in their luggage, are advised to check airline and departure airport rules before traveling with some airlines ‘cracking down’ and banning them altogether.

Airline industry experts have compared the airline and airport rules for flying with Christmas crackers this year.

The research revealed that out of the 26 carriers checked, 15 airlines including Emirates, Ryanair and Wizz Air have put the Christmas crackers on the ‘no-fly list’. The remaining 11 airlines allowing passengers to bring Christmas crackers onboard include British Airways, Jet2 and Etihad Airways, if packed in original packaging and placed in checked luggage.

Surprisingly, easyJet, TUI and Air New Zealand also allow passengers to take crackers as cabin luggage however travelers should check their departure airport rules with London Heathrow Airport recommending passengers not to take them through the airport.

Packing rules between the airlines also differ quite significantly with British Airways, easyJet, Qantas and TUI allowing two boxes per person whereas Eastern Airways, South African Airways and Virgin Atlantic limit passengers to only one box per person.

Air New Zealand also states there is no limit on the quantity of crackers brought onboard however cracker snaps, used to make the snapping sound on home-made crackers, are not permitted to be carried in carry-on or checked-in luggage when not contained within a whole cracker.

Planning on flying to the US for a Christmas break? Unfortunately, crackers are banned on all flights coming in and out. Simply put, you can’t take Christmas crackers on any airline traveling to America.

A spokesman for the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has said: “These items are prohibited from flying in checked or carry-on bags. They are flammable and should not be brought on airplanes, so avoid taking them at all.”

Christmas crackers… essential information

Even if your airline accepts Christmas crackers onboard, you’ll need to be aware of these additional packing tips and regulations.

Airport security: While a few airlines accept crackers in cabin luggage, this is largely irrelevant because many UK airports won’t allow them through security in hand luggage. Only pack in checked luggage seems like the best advice.

Packing: Crackers must be carried in their original, sealed packaging.

Declare your crackers: You must tell check-in staff if you’ve packed crackers in your checked luggage.

Banned in the USA: Don’t pack the crackers when heading to the USA.

Don’t make your own: Homemade Christmas crackers are banned on all airlines.

Check what’s inside: Check the novelty gifts inside your crackers. Luxury versions may contain items such as scissors and screwdrivers, which are banned in hand luggage.

Party poppers: These are banned from all flights leaving the UK.

Don’t make your own: Craft fans will be disappointed, but homemade Christmas crackers are not permitted.

Sparkle-free: Don’t attempt to pack sparklers, they’re on the naughty list.

Know your limits: Make sure you know how many crackers your airline will allow you to carry.

SOURCE: Many Airlines Say Bah-Humbug To Christmas Crackers This Year