Meili and Travelstart partner to revolutionise Car Rental Experiences

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Meili, the innovative travel technology platform, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Travelstart, the leading Online Travel Agency in Africa. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in redefining car rental distribution for online travel agencies, highlighting Travelstart’s enthusiastic shift towards a superior customer experience through direct interactions with car rental brands.

Meili’s dedication to delivering friction-free, premium travel experiences is perfectly aligned with Travelstart’s vision. Meili’s car rental distribution model empowers service providers, effectively eliminating intermediaries and ensuring seamless travel for customers.

As part of this partnership, Meili will work closely with Travelstart and their car rental partners, and through Meili’s cutting-edge technology platform, they will offer their customers:

Access to a complete range of car rental products and services, including premium loyalty benefits, direct insurance coverage, and real-time vehicle availability.
An enhanced customer experience driven by state-of-the-art merchandising technology.
Direct, top-tier customer servicing, leading to optimal brand exposure.

Mike McGearty, CEO & Co-founder of Meili, highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Travelstart underscores our commitment to innovation in travel. Together, we’re reshaping car rental experiences for all travel verticals. It’s exciting to see that Travelstart recognises the immense benefits their customers will receive by transitioning to this superior model and away from legacy broker technology. Something we at Meili have been championing for the last year.”

Stephan Ekbergh, CEO at Travelstart, commented, “Meili’s technology platform complements our offerings and enables us to provide an enhanced car rental booking experience. We’re excited to provide our customers with a direct line to an even better travel experience with better rates which has resulted in a significant uplift in bookings and customer satisfaction.”

This partnership exemplifies Meili’s drive to enhance the travel industry and Travelstart’s commitment to offering superior services to its clients.




The post Meili and Travelstart partner to revolutionise Car Rental Experiences appeared first on Brand TD.