My Airflow Prophylaxis Experience: A New Breath Air for the Health of My Dental Care

Since the crisis, I have been guilty of neglecting my oral health. But in 2024, I’m altering that! I swear to offer my teeth more weight because I’m having a lot of bone problems. My fundamental medical goal is to get my teeth cleaned on a regular basis. By typical, it meant returning every six months rather than just once a year or so. Since visiting dental offices would frequently take up my day, I was n’t particularly afraid of them either. However, I just just learned about Airflow Prophylaxis from Affinity Dental Clinics. It’s a brand-new,” cutting-edge medical innovation” that makes tooth cleaning procedures pain-free, FAST, and, of course, the most crucial: Successful! I had an interview at the Affinity Dental Clinics in BGC, which are conveniently situated inside the One Bonifacio High Street Mall, to try Airflow Prophylaxis for the first time. After my care and check-up, I can go window shopping and cafe-hopping as usual. I’ve visited Affinity Dental’s Alabang and Makati trees, and I may say that they consistently have extra-clean and attractive facilities. Upon entering the receiving place, I was also greeted with hot smiles, which is a plus point, particularly if, like me, it has been some time since your last visit and it can be tense. The One Bonifacio High Street Mall’s fourth floors is where Affinity Dental is situated in BGC. They have a fantastic watch from their club, which is very cozy. They asked me to complete out a type with my information and medical concerns while I was waiting in the lobby, which I love because it is so simple and opulent. Eventually, ALL of these were addressed by my physician. Three personal medical therapy suites and cutting-edge technology are available at Affinity Dental BGC High Street. These are the children’s room and the Xray place. In the meantime, I received my cure in this large, well-lit room by watching music videos produced by BTS Jungkook as they prepared the necessary equipment for airflow prophylaxis. A very sophisticated and professional device called Airflow Prophylaxis emits water, air, and good cleaning particles to create a strong stream that may remove obstinate teeth stains, oral plaque, as well as biofilm. When compared to conventional methods that require cutting, the mix of these factors enables a MORE EFFICIENT and LESS ABRASIVE cleaning. You may therefore unwind and enjoy TV or take a short nap ( which is what I did ). Airflow Prophylaxis is like a resort for your gums, according to something I’ve read. The high-velocity supply effectively removes memorial and bacteria from tooth surfaces, which is one of the advantages of airflow prophylaxis. 2 ) Smear Removal- It works especially well to get rid of intrinsic stains brought on by tobacco, red wine, tea, and coffee! Reduced Pain- Airflow Prophylaxis is a gentler option for people like me who have vulnerable teeth or for those who find classic scaling unpleasant. Comprehensive Cleaning- Because it uses water and air, it may access hard-to-reach areas, providing a more rigorous cleaning experience. The method is typically less invasive, leading to decreased sensitivity both during and after the procedure. Why I chose to try Airflow Prophylaxis vs. Traditional Cleaning: As was already mentioned, the latter uses high-velocity stream so it can reach difficult-to-reach areas completely however gently. While classic cleaning also calls for regular scaling and scraping, I find Airflow Prophylaxis to be very effective and cutting-edge. As a result, it causes less bleeding and sensitivity. The use of cutting-edge dental technology has finally made oral cleaning somewhat pain-free, so it was even more comfortable for me. I no longer have any justifications for not making medical visits a part of my health priorities thanks to the quick and relatively pain-free medical cleansing procedure! Thank you to my physician Dr. Rhew Tae Jun, medical assistant Jayne Loyola, and patient care agent Ms. Jhennie Barrion. Information and rates are available at Affinity Dental Clinics BGC High Street Address: 4F, One Bonifacio High St. Mall, 5th Avenue. All smiles following a checkup and medical washing!