Naomi Campbell introduces her traveling clothing collection, but there’s a catch.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is making waves in the fashion industry once more, but this time with a special twist, according to NPR, as she introduces her exciting clothing line with an intriguing catch. Campbell is well known for her commitment to health, especially when traveling, and her preflight wipe-down rituals have become popular. She is currently channeling Naomi by Boss, a new style collection, into her germaphobic attitude. More than 40 items from the partnership with Boss were influenced by Campbell’s precise travel objectives. A compression match made to stop blood clots during flights is one distinctive item, showcasing Campbell’s dedication to both type and usefulness. Another small components can work together to create an all-over compression result, ensuring comfort and health while traveling. This is Naomi Campbell’s second attempt at creating a line under her own name, despite the fact that she has been an adviser for the Boss brand since 2022 and has appeared in previous activities. Campbell’s distinctive approach to travel trend is sure to draw notice as Hugo Boss aims to increase sales of its womenswear department. The Naomi x Boss series offers adaptable and cozy items that reflect Campbell’s unique way of life and functions models with the current traveler in mind. Anti-crease features make it possible for travelers to travel without worrying about wrinkles, and antimicrobial clothing like cotton shirts and leggings adds to the comfort. Campbell herself expressed interest in the series, emphasizing its adaptability and coziness. She remarked,” These are the kinds of pieces that reflect my own lifestyle—always prepared for the next journey but not sacrificing style.” The variety will go on sale on February 15 all over the world. Thanks to Campbell’s creative approach to travel style, travelers can then prioritize both fashion and wellness while traveling thanks to Naomi x Boss.