Nepal Airlines Leaves 31 Passengers as It Departs Ahead of Schedule

Nepal Airlines flight RA 229 departed for Dubai ahead of schedule, leaving 31 passengers behind.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal was among those on board the flight, which took off two hours earlier than planned.

Nepal Airlines attributed the inability of passengers to board their flight to Prime Minister Dahal’s VVIP departure for COP 28 in Dubai.

The airline rescheduled the flight two hours earlier without notifying passengers, causing many to miss the departure scheduled for 9:30 pm instead of the originally planned 11:30 pm.

Passengers unable to board the Dubai-bound flight, criticized Nepal Airlines for negligence. They expressed discontent over the airline’s failure to provide advance notice of the revised flight time. Some highlighted arriving at the airport at 8:30 pm on Wednesday but being denied entry because the flight had already departed due to its rescheduling, emphasizing Nepal Airlines’ negligence in not informing passengers of the earlier departure.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Nepal Airlines’ negligence, the passengers have urged the relevant authorities to take action against the airline.

Stranded passengers also added the airline staff’s assurance of arranging an alternate flight to Dubai for them on Thursday.

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SOURCE: Nepal Airlines Leaves 31 Passengers as It Departs Ahead of Schedule