Nepal Decides to Accept International Assistance for Earthquake Victims

The government of Nepal has decided to accept international assistance for Jajarkot earthquake victims.

The Council of Ministers, led by Government Spokesperson and Communications Minister Rekha Sharma, held an emergency meeting at Singh Durbar. They decided to accept the assistance offered by neighboring countries and international organizations and expressed gratitude for their support.

The Chinese government has pledged relief materials valued at Rs 100 million. India, a neighboring country, has offered comprehensive support and assistance. Additionally, friendly nations like Russia and Pakistan have expressed their willingness to provide aid.

The National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Center recorded 311 aftershocks in Jajarkot until 10:35 AM on Sunday. Seismologist Dr. Mukunda Bhattarai confirmed this and noted that these aftershocks followed the initial earthquake of magnitude 6.4, which had its epicenter in Lamidanda. Notable aftershocks included a 4.5 magnitude tremor at 12:08 AM, a 4.2 magnitude aftershock at 12:29 AM, and a 4.3 magnitude aftershock at 12:35 AM on the same night, continuing to impact Jajarkot.

The earthquake has resulted in 157 fatalities and over 200 injuries. Police reported 105 deaths in Jajarkot and 52 in West Rukum. Ongoing efforts include search and rescue operations and the distribution of relief in the affected regions.

SOURCE: Nepal Decides to Accept International Assistance for Earthquake Victims