Nepal Earthquake: Damages & Casualties

Nepal Earthquake: Damaged Properties

The latest powerful earthquake that originated from Jajarkot has caused the complete destruction of 16,570 houses across six local units in Rukum West of Nepal.

The Chairman of the District Disaster Management Committee and Chief District Officer, Hari Prasad Panta, indicated that this number may rise further as data collection is ongoing.

Aathbiskot Municipality in the district reported the highest number of damaged houses based on data from municipality mayors and rural municipality chairpersons.

The earthquake caused severe damage to Aathbiskot Municipality, with 7,148 houses completely destroyed. In Sanibheri Rural Municipality, 3,146 houses were also completely damaged, and an additional 722 houses there were partially damaged due to the tremor that occurred on Friday night.

In Chaurajahari Municipality, 1,987 houses were completely destroyed, and 4,374 houses suffered partial damage. In Musikot Municipality, 2,300 houses were completely destroyed, and 3,500 houses were partially damaged as a result of the earthquake.

Similarly, in Triveni Rural Municipality, 1,935 houses were completely destroyed, and 1,258 houses sustained partial damage due to the earthquake. In Banfikot Rural Municipality, 18 houses were completely destroyed, and 107 houses were partially damaged, as reported.

Nepal Earthquake: Half of The Casualties Children

Nepal Police data reveals that out of the 157 people who lost their lives in the November 3 earthquake, 78 were children.

In Jajarkot, 50 children, and 28 children in Rukum West lost their lives, accounting for nearly half of the total deaths in both distr.

Furthermore, women made up a significant portion of the victims, with 33 women and 18 men among the 105 who died in Jajarkot and 16 women and eight men in Rukum West.

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SOURCE: Nepal Earthquake: Damages & Casualties