Neptune is the Newest Viking Cruise Ship

by: Juergen T Steinmetz | copyright: eTurboNews – Travel & Tourism News

Viking Neptune, the company’s newest ocean liner, was named during a ceremony in Los Angeles.

Nicole Stott, a retired NASA astronaut, aquanaut, and artist, gave the ship a blessing of good fortune and safe sailing as part of the occasion.

The 930-guest ship has embarked on the company’s 138-day 2022/2023 world cruise, which will visit 28 countries and 57 ports while staying overnight in 11 cities.

In April, Viking Cruise Line will also receive another new ocean ship, Viking Saturn.

The Neptune has a small hydrogen fuel system, making it the “first ship in the cruise industry to test the use of hydrogen power for on-board operations,” according to the company.

These tests will assess whether hydrogen fuel can be employed on a greater scale in future construction.

“Today is a special day for the Viking family as we name our newest ocean ship in Los Angeles, the home of Viking’s US headquarters for more than 20 years,” said Viking chairman Torstein Hagen.

Viking Neptune is a ship named after our solar system’s furthest planet and the god of the sea. “We are thankful for her numerous contributions to the scientific world and are delighted to have her as part of the Viking family,” says our newest godmother, Nicole Stott, a NASA astronaut and aquanaut.

“It is an honor and joy to be Neptune’s godmother,” Stott said.

As someone who has had the opportunity to go to space, the seas, and exotic locations on our globe, I realize the value of widening one’s horizons through travel.

“I am excited for everyone traveling across the world on this magnificent vessel.”

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