New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned programme – 4 reasons why Centara is “The Place to Be for MICE”

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Centara Hotels & Resorts is once again redefining the landscape of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) with their New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned programme.

In the dynamic world of business and professional gatherings, creating a memorable and impactful event is essential. It is more than just organising a meeting; it is about crafting an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Centara’s four-pillared approach makes it “The Place to Be for MICE,” offering everything you need for seamless event management, creative catering, unique team-building redefined, and a commitment to sustainability. Here are some reasons why Centara should be your top choice for the venue of your next event:

One-stop Meeting Guru

One of the most significant challenges in organising a successful event is seamless communication, planning, coordination, and execution. Centara’s solution to this challenge is the innovative “Meeting Guru” service, which acts as a one-stop, single-point-of-contact for all your MICE needs.

Centara’s Meeting Guru service is driven by modern technology. Attendees can access private QR-code chat groups, making communication efficient and secure. It ensures that everyone involved in the event is on the same page, promoting collaboration and eliminating communication barriers.

Moreover, the Meeting Guru will act as your single point of contact throughout the event planning process. This personalised service ensures that your specific needs and preferences are taken into account, leading to a tailor-made event that reflects your vision.

Creative culinary experience

Food plays a pivotal role in elevating the essence of any unforgettable event. Centara has redefined the art of catering through its dedicated in-house F&B team. They curate distinctive dining experiences that not only foster engagement and active participation but also leave an indelible mark on your guests.

Centara’s New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned programme introduces a spectrum of culinary encounters that tantalise the senses. From a sensory-driven “Dinner in the Dark” to an exclusive power lunch held in a submarine in the Maldives, laid-back barbecues on the beach, embarking on a delectable journey through Thai food stalls, engaging in exciting cooking challenges, or revelling in the freedom to create your own signature cocktails, the possibilities are endless.

These remarkable culinary adventures are meticulously crafted to ensure they are etched into your memory, leaving your attendees captivated. These unique venues infuse an element of enchantment into your event, ensuring it stands out as a truly one-of-a-kind occasion.

Fostering engagement and collaboration

Team-building activities are an integral part of many MICE events, and Centara takes them to the next level by collaborating with globally renowned training provider, Asia Ability. Together, they offer custom team-building programmes that foster resourcefulness, knowledge sharing, and active participation.

Centara’s in-house experts host workshops that last 30 to 90 minutes, ensuring that your team-building activities are not just engaging but also highly informative. These workshops help in skill development, team cohesion, and personal growth.

The hotel group also partnered with Asia Ability which means you have access to the expertise of one of the most respected names in the team-building industry. This collaboration offers exclusive pricing and access to Asia Ability’s vast repertoire of team-building activities, ensuring your event is both exciting and impactful.

Furthermore, Centara goes beyond just your event and encourages community engagement. Activities like building toys for underprivileged children, community gardening, beach clean-ups, and trash-to-treasure art projects add a philanthropic dimension to your event, promoting social responsibility and team spirit.

A greener approach to MICE

Centara leads the way in this area by offering sustainable venues and practices that reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendliness. The hotel group’s commitment to sustainability extends to community outreach. Initiatives like the ‘Plastics Only, Please’ beach clean-up campaign empower teams to give back to the environment while also fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility among event participants.

Centara’s Green Meetings package combines sustainability with convenience. From LED and natural lighting to low-flow taps, waste separation, eco-friendly materials, and locally-sourced produce, you can be assured that your event aligns with environmentally responsible practices.

Its commitment to sustainability has been recognised by leading organisations such as GSTC, Viero, THIS, and DEQP. This recognition not only highlights their dedication to eco-friendliness but also ensures that your event is held in venues that meet the highest sustainability standards.

The Place to Be for MICE

Centara’s New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned programme is a game-changer in the world of MICE events. It simplifies event management with the Meeting Guru service, elevates the culinary experience with creative catering, fosters engagement and collaboration with redefined team-building activities, and leads the way in sustainability. With Centara, you’re not just organising an event; you’re creating a memorable and impactful experience that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Make your next MICE event extraordinary by choosing Centara: The Place to Be for MICE.

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The post New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned programme – 4 reasons why Centara is “The Place to Be for MICE” appeared first on Brand TD.