New Deal Europe Returns with a Global Virtual Marketplace for Southeast Europe and Balkans

New Deal Europe is excited to announce the return of its flagship online event, the New Deal Europe Virtual Marketplace, focused on promoting the Southeast European and Balkan region. Scheduled for December 12th and 13th, the event is in response to the growing interest in what many describe as ‘the last exotic part of Europe’.

The virtual workshop allows travel planners and product developers to meet businesses from 12 destinations of The Balkans and South-East Europe.

This event acts as a precursor to their signature annual event, New Deal Europe Marketplace and Forum, set to take place in central London on April 16th 2024. Key to both events’ success are the pre-arranged meetings for participants, with buyers given priority in selection. These B2B meetings, centered around mutual interest, have ensured a consistently positive feedback from participants attending past NDE
marketplaces, underlining the relevance of their events for buyers interested in this exciting part of Europe.

Robert Dee, co-founder of New Deal Europe, highlighted that, “On December 12th, we focus on exhibitors from Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania as part of the EU sponsored Essential Balkans project. These destinations epitomize the core of the Balkans. Our sales blitzes in the USA and Canada, coupled with our presence at the USTOA Conference, have revealed enormous interest from the US travel trade in the
Essential Balkans and the wider region. This part of Europe, we believe, represents the last exotic frontier for American tourists.”

Tine Murn, another co-founder, adds, “Our conversations with key US travel trade personnel show a significant market gap for tourism into the old continent. With the waning interest in Eastern Europe and the Middle East due to conflicts, the Balkan region and Southeast Europe are emerging as attractive alternatives. The region offers affordability, safety, and a unique blend of culture, history, gastronomy, and diverse experiences. We’re thrilled to see the growing interest in destinations beyond the well-known spots like Croatia, Greece, and Slovenia. Our virtual event in December will be an excellent opportunity for US travel advisors to explore these unique destinations and learn more about what they have to offer.”

New Deal Europe is the only travel market platform dedicated to generating business to South East Europe and the Greater Balkan region.

To apply to Global New Deal Europe Marketplace and Forum, Virtual on December 12 and 13, 2023 visit: New Deal Europe Virtual Marketplace Application page.

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SOURCE: New Deal Europe Returns with a Global Virtual Marketplace for Southeast Europe and Balkans