New Luxury Cruise Loyalty Program Aims to be Sector’s Most Rewarding

With ambitions to become the most rewarding loyalty program in the luxury and ultra-luxury cruise sector, the new rewards program will offer US cruisers a wide range of value-added benefits.

The new program from Panache Cruises extends far beyond a traditional points and rewards structure.  Benefits include a unique program of Founders Cruises, hosted by James Cole (Founder of Panache Cruises) and the company’s growing list of celebrity Ambassadors.

Founders members also have direct access to James Cole and are assigned a dedicated “Cruise Connoisseur” from the point of joining. Offering an end-to-end concierge service, Panache Cruises’ Cruise Connoisseur model underpins the company’s award-winning customer service model.

Further benefits include VIP ship visits and invitations to other exclusive land-based events. Members of the program also receive luxury gifts and incremental benefits every time they move up a tier.

With four different levels or tiers, Founders aims to become the most generous points program in the luxury cruise sector.  As people ascend through each tier, the more value they will receive when booking future cruises.

Significantly, the program allows luxury cruisers to earn points across Panache Cruises’ extensive portfolio of luxury and ultra-luxury cruise lines.  Consequently, program members can accrue points with one cruise line and redeem them when booking with another. 

The new Panache Cruises initiative is structured to complement loyalty programs at partner cruise lines too.  Consequently, customers can accrue points and benefits in two different programs at the same time and realize far greater benefits as a result.

James Cole, Founder of Panache Cruises

James Cole, founder and CEO, Panache Cruises said: “Despite being rated 5.0 out of 5.0 on the Trustpilot review system, with almost 1,000 reviews (the highest in our peer group), our Founders loyalty program aims to take our ‘nothing is too much trouble’ approach to customer service to the next level.

“Offering our US clients a portfolio of value-added benefits and outstanding value when booking luxury and ultra-luxury cruises is one of our key objectives.

“Our first-time customers can book with Panache Cruises and exclusively save up to $2,000 whilst also earning Founders reward points. Awarded for every dollar spent, Founders points can be redeemed against future cruise bookings made with Panache Cruises.

“Of key significance is that people can spend their points when booking with any of our partner cruise lines. So accrued points with one cruise line can be redeemed when making a booking with another. 

“Furthermore, our program is designed to complement the loyalty programs of our partner cruise lines.  When booking with us, people are still able to accrue credits directly with cruise line programs.  There is very much a case of double the benefit, therefore.

“However, it is our schedule of Founders cruises which sets this loyalty program apart. Hosted by myself and our growing list of celebrity cruise ambassadors, our Founders members can access some truly exclusive itineraries with a range of immersive talks and excursions that are not available anywhere else.”

The first Founders Cruise took place in July 2023 and on Uniworld’s S.S. La Venezia. The cruise saw 60 of Panache Cruises’ most loyal customers join Cole for the inaugural sailing. Three Founders Cruises will take place annually and will be available to existing Panache Cruises customers at very special rates.

Cole added: “The first Founders Cruise was a great success and a lot of fun for all. Our Founders Cruises give me an opportunity to meet our customers in person and discuss what they would like to see from us going forward.  They will also be able to spend time with some of our Ambassadors who will provide fascinating insights into aspects of our cruise portfolio.  For example, people can learn from polar explorer Sue Stockdale what it is like to ski across the Greenland icecap.

Cole concluded: “I believe more than ever that our unique customer service proposition will prove very popular in this vast market. We have some great plans for Founders and we believe that it will become one of the most rewarding loyalty programs in the cruise sector. We’ll be adding new benefits and features regularly so stay tuned for our next update.”

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SOURCE: New Luxury Cruise Loyalty Program Aims to be Sector’s Most Rewarding