New Mallorca Responsible Tourism Pledge

The beginning of a new tourism management strategy on the island of Mallorca was marked today, based on respect and coexistence between residents and visitors.

The Mallorca Responsible Tourism Pledge was presented today by the President of the Island Council of Mallorca (CIM), Llorenç Galmés, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism and President of the Mallorca Tourism Foundation (FMT), Marcial Rodríguez; and the Director of Tourism for Demand and Hospitality, and Vice President-Director of the FMT, Susanna Sciacovelli.

The Pledge is a manifesto that represents the starting point of a much broader objective, which will involve a complete change in the promotion and positioning of Mallorca; a new perspective in the strategic design of tourism in Mallorca that involves all elements of the sector, as well as the residents and tourists who visit the island.

The Pledge will contribute to Mallorca maintaining its reputation as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean.

The Pledge sets itself as a benchmark for the message to the outside world for anyone visiting Mallorca, but also links to the social core of the island. The purpose: to establish a conscious coexistence of both, tourists and residents, starting from a common consciousness and a unique reference: Mallorca, a privileged island that “we must all contribute to protect”.

SOURCE: New Mallorca Responsible Tourism Pledge