New Tahitian Cultural Immersion App from Intercontinental Tahiti Resort &amp, Spa

The” Parau’hie” apps, which aims to give friends and employees an immersive absorption in Pacific culture with a particular emphasis on the Tahitian language, a priceless component of their history, has been introduced by InterContinental Tahiti Resort &amp, Spa.
This cutting-edge program includes a gambling section as well as an online dictionary to help users learn and pronounce unfamiliar Polynesian words and phrases. Apart from its speech learning attributes,” Parau ‘ ōhie” also serves as a gateway to the different Polynesian society. People can learn about the InterContinental Tahiti Resort &amp, Spa’s cultural events, as well as information on the hotel’s entomological and floral roads, where visitors can discover the beauty of the local flora and fauna.
The application for InterContinental Tahiti Resort &amp, Spa is available to customers in advance of their appearance, enabling them to begin their Pacific excursion even before arriving in Tahiti. Additionally, the resort intends to make use of this tool to improve the proficiency of its staff in both the Tahitian vocabulary and the hotel’s social and economic legacy. The” Parau’hie” app can now be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.
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