Nihao China: Chinese Tourism Global Re-Branding

The China National Tourist Office (CNTO) in Los Angeles concluded its multi-city promotional campaign for the global rebranding of “Nihao China” by organizing a luncheon for all members at the JW Marriott Live in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, December 5. This luncheon took place during the 2023 USTOA Annual Conference & Marketplace, which is a five-day event that brings together leading travel companies, tourism suppliers, and destinations from around the world in an exclusive setting.

During the sold-out event, Consul General Guo Shaochun from the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles introduced the ‘Nihao China’ logo, which showcases a stylized depiction of China‘s beloved giant panda. Over 600 attendees had the opportunity to witness the unveiling. “Nihao” translates to “welcome” in Chinese. Additionally, CNTO presented a captivating video showcasing China’s breathtaking landscapes and distributed an attractive brochure that outlined the top reasons why China is a destination that all travelers should consider visiting.

Dawei Wu, the director of CNTO Los Angeles, expressed that the ‘Nihao China’ initiative extends a warm welcome to all travelers. With the removal of pandemic travel limitations and the gradual resumption of flights and frequencies between cities in the United States and China by both American and Chinese carriers, CNTO’s collaboration with USTOA and its members holds significant importance in positioning China as a premier destination in 2024 and the future.

China, a unique destination, combines ancient traditions with modern technology. With a history and culture spanning over 5,000 years, it has contributed timeless inventions and engineering marvels. China is also renowned for its exquisite cuisine, attracting food enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re interested in technology, history, or romance, China offers a diverse range of experiences. This legendary land has something for everyone to enjoy.

SOURCE: Nihao China: Chinese Tourism Global Re-Branding