Notre Dame Set to Reopen

In less than six years after a devastating fire damaged the roof of France’s Notre Dame Cathedral, the Cathedral is expected to reopen for visitors and Catholic masses by the end of 2024.

The restoration efforts are progressing as planned to meet President Emmanuel Macron‘s set deadline of December 8, 2024, for the cathedral’s reopening after the blaze. However, it’s unlikely to be fully prepared for the Paris Olympics scheduled for the summer of 2024.

General Georgelin, overseeing the reconstruction, expressed determination in March, affirming the goal to open the cathedral in 2024. He emphasized their daily efforts and noted being on a positive trajectory towards achieving this aim.

“My job is to be ready to open this cathedral in 2024 – and we will do it. We are fighting every day for that, and we are on a good path,” he said.

Culture Minister Abdul-Malak clarified that while the cathedral will be accessible to the public, it doesn’t signify the completion of all renovation work. He highlighted that there will still be ongoing renovation works continuing into 2025.

Reconstruction of Notre Dame

The reconstruction of the iconic Parisian landmark commenced in 2022 after extensive stabilization efforts lasting over two years. Officials have decided to rebuild the 12th-century Gothic masterpiece exactly as it was, including reconstructing the 96-meter-high spire designed by architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century.

The cathedral’s central piece, which fell during the fire, is set to re-emerge above the monument this year, symbolizing a strong sign of its resurgence and renewal.

“The return of the spire in Paris’ sky will in my opinion be the symbol that we are winning the battle of Notre Dame,” said General Georgelin.

Around 1,000 workers from various parts of France are involved daily in the restoration of Notre Dame. General Georgelin highlighted the diverse tasks involved, including the framework, painting, stonework, vault, organ, stained glass, and more.

SOURCE: Notre Dame Set to Reopen