Old Man Winter is wreaking havoc on traveling across the US.

PORTLAND, Ore.- Arctic storms that left four useless and knocked out power to tens of thousands in the Northwest, brought winter to the South, and walloped the Northeast with storm conditions that forced the postponement of an NFL game left millions of Americans facing harmful cold. On Sunday, conditions recommendations or instructions for wind shivers below zero Celsius were issued to an estimated 95 million people across the country. While the bitter storm sends wind chill observations as low as minus 70 levels in Montana and the Dakotas, experts predicted that the extreme cold would drive as far north as north Texas.
The South Dakota Department of Public Safety cautioned people to stay inside in a statement on Sunday, saying that “frostbite sets in in matter of minutes.”
After semitrailers jackknifed in slick problems, vehicles in Iowa were stuck for five days in blowing winter on Interstate 80. Since Friday, State Patrol Sgt. reported that state troopers had responded to 535 calls for car assistance and 86 accidents. Alex Dinkla remarked.
High winds were blowing snow straight up onto the roads, but street crew were “working the snow-blowers like crazy,” according to Dinkla.
Officials in Buffalo, New York, where a 1 to 2 foot snowstorm was anticipated, decided to move the NFL playoffs between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers from Sunday to Monday due to unfavorable weather. Snow was falling 2 inches per hour while winds were blowing 30 miles.
The Charges warned participants eager to assist with the shovel to stay at home and never defy a travel ban on location routes as workers with shovels and trucks worked to remove snow from the area at Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium.
It appears that there will be no basketball game today, according to New York Governor Buffalo local Kathy Hochul posted a video tape of the fog conditions in the western New York area on X.
At least one Bills person was out in the chilly weather on Sunday, making the most of his new free time. Offensive address Ryan Van Demark posted a picture of fellow player Alec Anderson assisting an oncoming driver in the icy conditions on Instagram.
Van Demark describes” Great Samaritan, Alec, helping the people” in the small tape.
Some areas of the Northeast may experience heavy rain, strong gusts, and gusts of up to 50 mph, according to Zack Taylor, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in College Park, Maryland.
Taylor said,” That’s why they’re expecting to observe near- storm conditions at days.”
In Western New York, there is still a lot of river effect snow falling. In some places, rain levels of 5 to 7 inches per hour have been reported. Travel restrictions are anticipated to be maintained in addition to the winter, which is expected to last through the day.
Plows and emergency vehicles face difficulties because trucks that have broken the restrictions have become stuck on the New York State Highway. The restrictions will be ticketed for cars that break it. Until the wind passes, stay away from the place.
Full Closures at the moment
Between Ridge Road in Lackawanna and Church Street in Buffalo, Buffalo Skyway ( Route 5 ) is closed in both directions ( eastbound and westbound ).
The road from Peters Road in Cattaraugus County to Route 219 in Erie County is closed.
From Interstate 90 ( NYS Thruway ) to Route 16, Route 400 is blocked.
The following go limitations are in effect.
A vacation ban is in place in some areas of Erie County.
All commercial vehicles are prohibited on I-90 ( NYS Thruway ) between the Pennsylvania Line and Exit 46 ( All vehicles within Erie County are permitted ).
restrictions on parallel and bare trailers at the moment
( Niagara Expressway ) Interstate 190
Route 219 ( in the county of Cattaraugus )
In the regions of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus, Interstate 86
Until the situation gets better, limits will be in position.
MTA Bridges and Tunnels in NYC
All tandem trailers and clear tractor-trailers are prohibited at the following areas:
Whitestone Bridge in the Bronx
Bridge, Robert F. Kennedy
Bridge over Throgs Neck
Bridge Verrazano Narrows
Bay Bridge crossing
Gate over Marine Parkway
Level 2: Loaded Tandem Trailers with Bars or ATD Onboard, Empties &amp
I- 86: I-90 to the New York series
New York collection:I-90
More than 120, 000 homes and businesses in Oregon were without power that day, the majority of them in the Portland metropolitan area, following the destruction of trees and power outlines due to strong winds and a combination of ice and snow.
According to a statement from Portland General Electric,” Restoration endeavors will continue into the month and customers are encouraged to plan accordingly given the extent of the damage and the higher level of failure activities.” The power reported that it was keeping an eye on a second wind pattern that could result in Tuesday’s high winds and melting rain.
To create emergency maintenance and prevent sewage leaks into homes and businesses, the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services reported that its crews were working nonstop at several sites. Due to a freezing pipe, Portland’s largest wastewater pump place, which serves downtown and the surrounding inside city, was only partially operational.
Tens of thousands of common power outages were even reported on Sunday in Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Customers in Nebraska were urged to use less energy by the Omaha Public Power District to avoid disruptions.
The city stated in a statement on Sunday that” the wind started earlier and has been longer than anticipated.”
Airports all over the nation were impacted. Airlines into and out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport were postponed by more than half. Numerous planes were likewise postponed or canceled at the airports in Chicago, Denver, and Seattle-Tacoma.
Additionally, forecasters foresaw that rapid, severe drops in awareness in northeast Pennsylvania, parts of northern New Jersey, and Delaware may be brought on by sudden bursts of heavy snow and wind, with some “near fog conditions” being possible.
Another Arctic wind that has caused significant snowfall in the Rockies was expected to move farther south, likely bringing 4 to 6 inches of snow to pieces of Arkansas, north Mississippi, and east Tennessee.
The day before the state’s political caucuses, Juan Villegas shoveled apart a blanket of snow that also covered park benches and half buried fire hydrants in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, while wearing layers of clothing underneath his large coat.
Villegas claimed that the best way to stay warm while working in temperatures below 15 degrees was to” only retain moving.”
Villegas remarked,” If you keep doing everything, that’s when you really start to feel the cool.”
Through Monday evening, cautions were in place for a large portion of Wisconsin, with wind chills expected to drop as low as 30 below zero.
Snow could be seen in some areas of northwestern Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia. Mary Trammel was one of the people of Shreveport, Louisiana, who stockpiled on bottled water, food, and generator energy in preparation for the parameter conditions that would likely cover some roads in snow and up to an inch of winter.
Tramel, who told KSLA- Television she had purchased bread and ingredients for adequate soup to past days, said,” It’s chilly out around.”
Governor of Arkansas To provide value trucks and trucks transporting essential supplies more flexibility to listen, Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a state of emergency in enhance.
After cold catches in 2021 and 2022 caused pipelines to collapse and the city of Jackson to lose fluids force, officials in Jackson, Mississippi’s money, were getting ready for times of freezing weather.
According to Ted Henifin, Jackson’s time director of the long-troubled water technique,” We feel as comfortable as we can that we’re prepared for whatever comes our way.” Crew, he claimed, were ready to respond to any cracked valves.
There was more to the wild wind than only snow and ice. Three traditional fishing shacks that had stood in South Portland, Maine for more than 130 years were also swept into the sea by report great tides on Saturday that flooded some houses in Maine and New Hampshire.
Michelle Erskine declared on Sunday, a day after recording video of the final two wooden huts plunging into the water,” Story is just being washed aside.”
100 trees fell on Saturday in Oregon, just north of Portland, including one that struck a home and killed the victim. A fire that spread from an open-flame range after a branch fell onto an RV claimed the lives of four people, including two others who died of suspected cold.
In Oregon, the winter and blustery winds had abated by Sunday, but due to the freezing temperatures, roads remained dangerous and much of Portland was closed. Glenn Prohaska was looking for a company with WiFi in the local river Oswego area so he could make hotel reservations. His home’s temperatures had dropped immediately to the 20s with the strength away.
This is the worst I’ve seen in the 40 times that I have lived here, he said.
This report was written by the Trucker Staff.